Welcome Chef.

Chefs may well desire to directly participate; in associations.

However industrial change, and the Covid impact are among many influencers that limit chefs to be personally involved with networking.

Excepting AITC Members who have the invaluable opportunity to still relax and be involved “virtually” 24/7 in a one stop shop of information and assistance.

TChef may maintain a confidential historical record of industry participation, promote their place of employment or business, recommend product or service providers, participate in a culinary forum, keep informed with global culinary news and trends, view the current listings of major employment agencies, promote events on an industry calendar, directly contact other TChef, enroll in a free AITC members academy, or access many other resources.

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Interactive Member links below are designed to assist TechnicalChefs get the most out of their Membership.. They are informative, educational and keep members at the cutting edge of the commercial cookery /hospitality industry. They give members an opportunity to be involved 24/7 in a virtual networking website.

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