The idea grew from a group of culinary judges who were appalled at the competitors standards of dress, food preparation and presentation in a professional competition / exhibition in Melbourne Australia 2015.

The jury became very aware of deteriorating industry standards and realised something need to be urgently done.

Discussions also centered on the growing number of people who are calling themselves chefs, and pseudo–executive chefs, who show they do not have the technical training, nor understood the minimum standards required to be justifiably titled a Chef.

For well over 40 years, the chef’s associations urged government to consider declaring a “Chef’ to be a protected title. However, basically political pressures prevented this. Chefs now realised that unless enough professionals register in an industry driven association based on monitored standards aimed to make government listen, it will never happen.

This will take years, and success, or failure is up to those who believe themselves to be professional and join AITC and a "cause" as a professional responsibility.

You do not join TChef to only get out of the association what you can, but also to provide and give support as a professional.

Are you professionally ready and willing to be part of the AITC solution, by collaborating to make a better industry? If not, realise you well be a part of the problem.
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