Notable Quality Suppliers

Licensed TechnicalChefs operate at the professional level. Businesses and organizations that benefit from having a highly experienced professional “Tchef” stand above the normal and their business should be applauded and considered as a “notable quality suppliers” to other professionals.

What is the difference between a Notable Supplier and an Industry Partner?

Notable Suppliers are  businesses and organization’s  where a TChef is engaged and considered as a “superior supplier” 

Industry Partners are are businesses and organization’s  who are “recommended” by a TChef Members based on their work experience.


GURPREET SINGH 18172 Melbourne City Institute of Education Victoria. Culinary Education
Anthoony Hoy 16123 DiStasio Citta Victoria. Head Chef/ Consultant
Antonio Tjung 21194 Antonio’s Kitchen Northern Territory. Catering
Malcolm Doyle 18167 William Angliss Institute of TAFE Victoria. Culinary Education
Athol Wark 19184 Catholic Health Care New South Wales. Health care /Aged Care
Ernst Schwab 15114 Retired Executive Chef Victoria. Culinary Educator
Cam Woolcock 15110 Marian College Victoria. Culinary Education
Graeme Chalmers 17142 Taste Treats Culinary Group Victoria. Consultant, Trainer
Chris Tandy 16131 Thermomix Australia Victoria. TM6
Belinda Clements 16117 William Angliss Institute Victoria. Culinary Education
Mark Sweeting 16107 RATIONAL Australia Victoria. RATIONAL iCombi & iVario Equipment
Peter Ristuccia 93856 Seafood Store Victoria. Seafood
Tom Milligan 17143 Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute Victoria. Culinary Arts Education
Andew Wisken 15103 Sciclunas Victoria. Fruit and Veg Supplier
Roger Rex Pearson 16121 Arafura Catering Equipment Northern Territory. Hosp. Equip Supplier & Food Service Cons
Nick Blackmore 16111 Holmesglen Victoria. Cookery & Hospitality Education
Daniel Soto 17152 Holmesglen Victoria. Culinary educator
Daman Shrivastav 14999 Box Hill Institute Victoria. Culinary Education
DALE LYMAN 16133 William Angliss Institute of TAFE Victoria. Culinary Education
Abhishek Roy 20806 ALTEC College RTO Code:22034 Victoria. Culinary education
Paul J Shay 16116 Arcare Queensland. Residential Aged Care
Suresh Vaidyanathan 16127 William Angliss Institute TAFE Victoria. Education-Food Tech & Culinary Arts
Ken Yoong Yip 16105 Academia International Queensland. Cookery Education, Hospitality Institute
John Mark Borlagdan 19180 Tourism and Hospitality Industry Northern Territory. Hotels and Resorts
Shayne V Greenman 15112 ACADEMIA International Queensland. Culinary Education, Hospitality /Tourism
Guo Theo 21189 Adelaide casino South Australia. Chef Consultancy
Stephen Tryon 16108 Culinary Solutions Australia Victoria. Culinary Education/Assessments
John Robert McFadden 20807 Goodrop Oils New South Wales. Chef Consultancy
Robert Ford 15102 Victoria University Victoria. Culinary Education Advice
Jeffrey Gear 16103 Churches of Christ Queensland. Health Care
Jason Wilkes 16104 Charles Darwin University Northern Territory. Education
Sarah Maric 16112 Copperfield college Victoria. Culinary education
George Hill 15101 and Victoria. Online Competitions and Chefs Network