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Professional Chefs are incredibly busy people, often working long hours and with unique working demands in the week. The membership mix makes scheduling a common time to engage with all members practically impossible. No matter which day of the week or scheduled time, someone is working. However, your views and involvement are essential, if not vital to the AITC family.
We are surveying members to establish the most appropriate day and time and day during the week to conduct a series of symposiums, presentations and discussions groups and updating contact details of members.

1. Do not intend to frequently schedule meetings.
2. We plan 3 – 4 meetings a year, however, believe it is critical to have your valuable participation.
3. Plan to publish an annual calendar with the forum dates to maximize planning your participation
4. Will select the day and time with the highest number of chosen slots and systematically move the slots to cater for as many as members as possible.
5. Propose to schedule (whenever possible) a prior or post council meeting for members to optionally attend to put your views to council
6. Additionally seek your opinion of virtual driven topics that would interested you


1. Intentionally has kept away from the end of the week, as the weekend appears to be the least popular.
2. Survey show time slots in 2-hour segments. However, given the time poor nature of busy people in responsible positions, most probably sessions will be conducted within one hour.
3. Times are based on Melbourne time – Australian Eastern Standard . Time may vary with daylight saving.

AITC COUNCIL: asks what is the most important topic to you?
1. Social interaction – a conversation between members on their situation
2. Members Questions – previously tabled by members and discussed by the whole group
3. Symposiums issues – addressed by a panel with audience interaction
4. Presentations – of products shown by suppliers with interactive questions.
5. Other

AITC COUNCIL: Seriously request you to attend at least one or more conversations during 2021. This your association and exists for your benefit and aims to protects you. Action can change the culinary world. Just having a unregistered opinion has no affect

2020 Participation Survey
(Full name)
(Please add either: License number - Mobile number - or Email address.)
(Select best day that suits your participation.)
(Select the best time for your Zoom Participation.Times are based on Melbourne time)
(Select the best activity that should have your participation)

Survey opinions to date:

Name Best Day Best Time  Best Activity
George Hill Flexible Very Flexible Presentations
Sarah maric Monday, Wednesday “6 – 8pm” Social interaction
Andrew Wisken Flexible “6 – 8pm” Symposiums issues
Jason Wilkes Monday “6 – 8pm” Social interaction, Members questions, Symposiums issues, Presentations, Q&A
Jeffrey Gear Tuesday “6 – 8pm” Social interaction
Athol Wark Flexible “6 – 8pm” Symposiums issues
Suresh Vaidyanathan Thursday “6 – 8pm” Presentations
Daman Wednesday “6 – 8pm” Social interaction
robert ford Monday “6 – 8pm” Symposiums issues
Anthony Hoy Wednesday “6 – 8pm” Symposiums Issues, Q&A
Abhishek Roy Monday Very Flexible Social interaction
Sarah maric Monday, Wednesday “6 – 8pm” Social interaction


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