The Institute is administered by a council of TechnicalChefs from Victoria, New South Wales, Northern Territory and Queensland, with assistance from professional chefs from across all states and territories in Australia.

Administration Portfolios :

President – Senior Vice President – Vice President – Secretary – Registrar – Treasurer – Marketing Manager – Specific State Managers – Councillors – Managers – Branding Manager – Communications Manager.

Our Vision:

  • To maintain the relevance and enhance the value of commercial cookery to society by engaging, inducting, and publicly promoting eligible professional chefs who have the capabilities, dispositions, and are professionally astute.
  • To provide a platform that protects professional chef’s integrity, authenticity, respectability, and creditability.

Our mission:

  • To continue to grow as the only registration board for leading qualified Australian Chefs who practice at the professional level in all direct or indirect sectors of the industry.



National Council:


TechnicalChefs are members of the Australian Institute of Technical Chefs and share one mission. They are passionate about protecting the public image of  a professional chef, promoting the trade of cookery and growing  professionalism in the cookery industry.

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