Comments and Recommendations from chefs:

• This is the only way to go. Registration with TChef registration demonstrates one is a genuine professional.

• I joined technical Chef to help bring back fast declining standards in commercial cookery.

• Every Commercial Chef who is a leader needs to join this.

• At last, it is great to see industry leaders start the road to showing professional cookery is a career.

• I am so proud to have my hard work finally acknowledged.

• I am looking forward to being involved with the many resources on the technical chef web page.


Annual Fee $50 – On induction applicants are invoiced for $200 ($100 Joining fee and 2 x $50 for first two years)

PAID AFTER the approval process is completed and the applicant informed of their success to be inducted into the Institute.

Thereafter $50 per year. Please note:

This initiative is driven by an industry professional chefs association, and is not a government funded enterprise. However AITC Chefs are consulted by government agencies on training issues.