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AITC is involved with delivering many broadcasts, videos, and podcasts.
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Sponsors, or organizations that have interesting, up-to-date or culinary training videos are welcome to request their resource being added to AITC Video Library
Smoked Eggs by TChef John McFadden
2021 AITC Advisory Panel – Fish Summit 45 Minutes
Jeffrey Gear promotes AITC
George Hill Promotes AITC
Andrew Wisken Promotes AITC
Martin Probst Sustainable and successful Kitchen Culture
Occupational Health for Chefs
Will the Australian Commercial kitchen culture change? No 1
What support and / or online resources will help cooks and chefs through this crisis? No 2
Will membership of a professional association be a career asset for Australian chefs post Covid-19. No 3
Is this the final curtain for chefs’ associations as they currently operate? No 4
How could the pandemic reshape the operation of food-service operations? No 5
How could the pandemic reshape the delivery of culinary education and other services? No 6

AITC in Thailand Competition – More to be added soon.
Sarah Maric Production “Bouncing Back”
Sarah Maric Production “Sustainability”
Sarah Maric “Transition”
Sarah Maric “Succession Planning”
Sarah Maric Promotes AITC