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Application to join the Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs

This application is  very detailed . Before you start, collect the following information:

  • When and where you commenced working as a cook/trainee.
  • Your work history, for at least the first six years in a commercial kitchen
  • Your culinary training details and certificate/diploma number
  • The names of three industry referees.
  • List major culinary activities you have been involved with outside your workplace. e.g. Competitions – Exhibitions – Master Classes – Visits.
  • Scan your certificates and prepare an image of your-self in cooks uniform or business dress.
  • We  advise reading through this form to ensure you have collected the correct information before commencing filling in details.
  • Fees $100.00 registration and annual fee of $50.00 per year (Total first two years $200.00) This will be invoiced after confirmation of your membership. There after $50 per year

To view the online application form you need to  first register with the Institute as a user. 

If you do not wish to complete the online application and alternatively wish to receive a hard copy of the form. please email: George for an application form george@salonculinaire.com 

Register here with the Institute of TechnicalChefs

If you cannot see the application form after registration,  logout and RE – login with your user name and password.

After registeration with the Institute you will view the online application form here.

  • Grounds for refusal of A.I.T.C membership
    –  Insufficient evidence of skills, fitness, culinary knowledge, or experience required for membership.
    –  Evidence of historical behaviour that are contrary to the Australian Culinary Codes of Practices.
    –  Evidence of unlawful/antisocial political, gender, race, or religious bias or discriminatory practices, that may bring the Institute into disrepute.
    –  Evidence  that indicates the potential to use A.I.T.C membership to promote, recruit, or organise any group, political, antisocial or otherwise.
  • Membership cannot be finalised or confirmed without a recent photo of the applicant
    – A photo of the applicant to be sent with the application is required for the certificate of membership, institute records and website register.
    – To reflect standards and consistency please note the dress code for member photo.
    – The photo is a head and shoulder image similar to a passport photo
    – Where the applicant current job is predominantly working as a chef in a kitchen, we prefer the applicant to be in traditional cook’s uniform with either a white toque or white cap.
    – If the applicant current job predominantly is outside the commercial kitchen we prefer the applicant to be in a suit.
  • We recommend that you print and keep a copy of your application.
  • If you have not heard from registration within seven days, please contact George Hill 03 9735 0880 or  email Registrar.

Alternative methods of application:

  1. Request application by email –  george@salonculinaire.com  with First / Last Name –  Contact Telephone Number  – Current industry position in your email.
  2. Download Application – PDF – Save, print  and complete the hard copy and return by post  with documents. Download Application – PDF   
  3. Download Application – Word – Open, complete on computer and save – Email return with copies of documents. Download Application – Word

A TechnicalChef is an industry driven independent confirmation of the ability of a person to practice as a trained and experienced comprehensive and mobile professional chef in a commercial kitchen across multiple stations.

The approval process is based on evidence of  individual skills, experience and fitness as a commercial chef irrespective of their ethnic foundation training. TechnicalChef does not imply to have any legal standing for any other purpose.

You can contact us in the following ways: "Contact AITC Administration Direct ",or email council direct as listed below.

Contact AITC Administration Direct
- For governance or sponsorship.  
           *General manager - Queensland . Councilor - For Queensland Enquiries.
*Vice President
- For New South Wales Enquiries.  
      *General manager Branding - For Social media discussions.
- For meeting dates and broadcasts.
*Registrar - For application process.
- For account and Northern territory Enquiries
 *General manager Marketing - For press inquiries
General manager Marketing - For press inquiries
 General manager Liaison - For chef queries
General manager - Communications - Web  inquiries.

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