This application is a detailed please read this first.

* Your culinary training details - certificate/diploma/degree details.

* Evidence of when and where you commenced working as a cook/trainee.

* Or details in an occupation that included commercial cookery / foodservices.

* Your work history, for at least the first six years in a commercial kitchen / foodservice (post training).

* The names of three industry referees.

* Prepare a list major culinary activities you have been involved with outside your workplace.

* E.g. Competitions – Exhibitions – Master Classes – Short courses - CPD activities.

* Scan your certificates and prepare an image of your-self in cooks’ uniform

* Or business dress as appropriate to your current occupation.

* To view the online application form you need to first register with the Institute as a user.

We strongly advise completing this application on a laptop or desktop.

Grounds for refusal of A.I.T.C membership
–  Insufficient evidence of skills, fitness, culinary knowledge, or experience required for membership.
–  Evidence of historical behavior that are contrary to the Australian Culinary Codes of Practices.
–  Evidence of unlawful/antisocial political, gender, race, or religious bias or discriminatory practices, that may bring the Institute into disrepute.
–  Evidence  that indicates the potential to use A.I.T.C membership to promote, recruit, or organize any group, political, antisocial or otherwise.

Membership cannot be finalized or confirmed without a recent photo of the applicant
– A photo of the applicant to be sent with the application is required for the certificate of membership, institute records and website register.
– To reflect standards and consistency please note the dress code for member photo.
– The photo is a head and shoulder image similar to a passport photo
– Where the applicant current job is predominantly working as a chef in a kitchen, we prefer the applicant to be in traditional cook’s uniform with either a white toque or white cap.
– If the applicant current job predominantly is outside the commercial kitchen we prefer the applicant to be in a suit.

We recommend that you print and keep a copy of your application.

If you have not heard from registration within seven days, please contact George Hill 03 9735 0880 or  email Registrar.

Alternative methods of application: hard copy of application

We do strongly advise and prefer you complete your application on line.

 Applying  on line below:

      1. Allows you to be processed quicker.
      2. Registers you to be able to when approved add and access your personal records.
      3. Gain accesses to resources only available to AITC members.
      4. Allows immediate recording of your record for processing.
      5. Allows us to be able to send you your certificate and badge.
      6. Permits you to update your record and more.
      7. Much easier to send the required documentation directly with your application.

Applying on line is a longer and significantly harder process:

      1. Download the application below – The application will open as a PDF that can be downloaded.
      2. Complete and scan and return by email or post to  – Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs.Inc – PO Box 355, Seddon West, Victoria 3011
      3. Include all the requested documentation with a  head and shoulder image of yourself, preferably in uniform


Cannot see the 2021 application form ? – You must register first and login to your account

After registeration with the Institute you will view the online application form here.
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(Members are commonly known as a Tchef)

What makes registration as a professional chef with the Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs unique?

Registration is the highest national industry accreditation and status that can be acquired as a chef in Australia. AITC membership identifies: Certification – Experience and Professional Conduct.

A genuine professional chef requires two levels of skills: HARD SKILLS AND SOFT SKILLS.

These soft skills are a vital companion to hard skills as a professional.

A professional chef requires both legitimate hard and soft skills. As does a registered TechnicalChef. 

A TechnicalChef (TCHEF) is the culinary equivalent to a “chartered” chef (akin to a chartered accountant versus an accountant).

For over 40 years chefs have ‘dreamed’ that one day (Cooks and Chefs) will be all aligned to a single accreditation. TechnicalChef is implementing a national system that fulfils this ‘dream’.