The Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs (AITC) is the principal chef’s association in Australia for leading chefs who practice at the professional level. AITC has accredited members in all states across Australia. The not- for – profit association has been founded on extremely high standards of entry; criteria fundamentally required by any fully professional organisation. Professional who are inducted, are licensed to display the AITC logo to show their qualifications, experience, and professional status.

Commercial kitchens require two categories of chefs:
The semi-skilled chef and the highly experienced specialist.
The title “chef” has dramatically changed with both categories called “chef”.
AITC certification is the only reliable authority to identify the fully trained and experienced CHARTERED chef.

Our mission:
To continue to grow as the only registration board for leading qualified Australian Chefs who practice at the professional level in all direct or indirect sectors of the industry.
Our Vision:
To maintain the relevance and enhance the value of commercial cookery to society by engaging, inducting, and publicly promoting eligible professional chefs who have the capabilities, dispositions, and are professionally astute.
To provide a platform that protects professional chef’s integrity, authenticity, respectability, and creditability.
Why register with the institute:
* Adds a public profile to show you are an industry leader.
* Connects with successful people and open new doors.
* Gives you a voice in the future of commercial cookery.
* Gives you a competitive advantage.
* Identifies you as a Chartered Professional Chef.
* Enjoy substantial on-line resources that enhance your career.
Induction conditions:
* Documented recognised culinary qualifications. (Optional: agree to theoretical examination)
* A minimum six-years commercial kitchen experience. (post training)
* Evidence of fitness to be titled a professional chef.
* A Commitment to follow Codes of Practices.
* An obligation to Continuous Professional Development Practices.

Does it really make a difference if the chef is a AITC professional registered chef?
On balance, just so long as the food looks and tastes good does it really matter?
The reality is you need to trust the chef. Even more so when it comes to handling food.
You need to know that the industry is awash with pseudo award winning chefs
With a lot of semi- skilled chefs supervising kitchens.
There are many reasons why the chefs needs to be a AITC Registered Professional Chef:
You are reassured that the kitchen is professional run, and you are in safe hands

AITC Chefs:
• Must comply with professional development standards
• Ensure their knowledge and skills are always kept up to date
• Are bound by professional codes of practice
• Must be fully qualified with extensive industrial experience
• Need to have proven integrity especially, where integrity matters often in unseen kitchens.

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