The “Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs” (AITC) is an Australian wide association that bonds and networks administrative or supervisory professional commercial: Executive Chefs, Chef de Cuisines, Sous Chefs, Foodservice Managers etc.

and/ Or, professionals in an associated career path that emanated from a fully qualified and experienced chefs’ career (that encompassed supervisory experience).

The AITC mission is to install professional standards and instigate professional status into the commercial cookery sector.

The Institute is the leading Australian chef’s association that “Charters” a professional Chef, to publicly endorse and promote their professional attitude and highly accountable mindset.


The Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs (AITC) is an Australia wide registration association for chefs who practice as a professional. AITC has members in all states across Australia. Members; are licensed to display the AITC logo to verify qualifications, experience, and advanced professional status.


AITC certification is a reliable credential that identifies a fully trained and experienced professional chef.

An AITC credential demonstrates : Authenticity, Respectability Credibility, and Advanced Technical Experience.


Join now – actions speak louder than words!’ and obtain a credential that :
• Adds a public profile.
• Shows an industry leader.
• Connects with successful people.
• Open new doors.
• Provides a competitive advantage.

AITC Membership: 

The public are fast becoming aware that the industry is awash with pseudo “award winning” chefs with a lot of inexperienced semi- skilled chefs supervising kitchens. 
• AITC registration demonstrates the business is in trained and experienced safe hands.


1. Recognised cookery qualifications.
2. Six-years kitchen experience. (post training).
3. Fitness to be titled a commercial chef.
4. A commitment to follow Codes of Practices.
5. Follow Continuous Professional Development.
Professionals may apply in an occupation that emanated from a professional chef.


TechnicalChefs are known as "T Chefs" are known to be:
• Confident in their abilities.
• Consistent and reliable.
• Doers, not talkers.
• Go the extra mile.
• Innovators.
• Role models.


Certified No 15101 George Hill
Certified No 15102 Robert Ford
Certified No 15103 Andrew Wisken
Certified No 15105 Handi Susanto
Certified No 15106 Martin Probst
Certified No 15107 Kevin Starow
Certified No 15110 Cam Woolcock
Certified No 15112 Shayne Greenman
Certified No 15114 Ernst Schwab
Certified No 16101 Leslie Chan
Certified No 16103 Jeffery Gear
Certified No 16104 Jason Wilkes
Certified No 16105 Ken Yip
Certified No 16106 Prakash Chand
Certified No 16107 Mark Sweeting
Certified No 16108 Stephen Tryon
Certified No 16109 Fabrizio Restelli
Certified No 16110 Peter Mewett
Certified No 16111 Nicholas Blackmore
Certified No 16112 Sarah Maric
Certified No 16113 Liam (kevin) Nguyen
Certified No 16115 Peter Ristuccia
Certified No 16116 Paul Shay
Certified No 16117 Belinda Clements
Certified No 16118 Murray Twaits
Certified No 16121 Roger Pearson
Certified No 16123 Anthony Hoy
Certified No 16125 Stephen Bennett
Certified No 16126 Hosheder Panthaki
Certified No 16127 Suresh vaidyanathan



Certified No 16130 John Deane
Certified No 16131 Christopher Tandy
Certified No 16133 Dale Lyman
Certified No 16134 Shane Beatterson
Certified No 16135 Bernd Uber
Certified No 17142 Graeme Chalmers
Certified No 17143 Tom Milligan
Certified No 17144 Barbra Porter
Certified No 17146 Daman Shrivastav
Certified No 17148 Tuan Ngo
Certified No 17151 Wun Teck Jong
Certified No 17152 Daniel Soto
Certified No 17154 Manish Srivastava
Certified No 18156 Daniel Hiltrunner
Certified No 18158 Craig Dowling
Certified No 18159 Reiner du Plessis
Certified No 18163 Suraj Goondarry
Certified No 18164 Deepak Chopra
Certified No 18166 Krishna Thalaachawr
Certified No 18167 Malcom Doyle
Certified No 18168 Praveen Kaushal
Certified No 18169 Terrence Dsouza
Certified No 18171 John Casey
Certified No 18172 Gurpreet Singh
Certified No 19173 Matthew Cook
Certified No 19174 Gurvinder Singh
Certified No 19175 Yakob Abraham
Certified No 19178 Anura Jayasuriya
Certified No 19179 Philip Lodge
Certified No 19180 John Borlagdan


Certified No 19183 Dinesh Kumar
Certified No 19184 Athol Wark
Certified No 20185 Nitigya Sabharwal
Certified No 20186 Abishek Roy
Certified No 20187 John McFadden
Certified No 20188 Lindsey O'Grady
Certified No 21189 YingZhe(Theo) Guo
Certified No 21190 Kim Wisneski
Certified No 21191 Marcus Moore
Certified No 21192 Rolf Van Der Kamp
Certified No 21193 Theresa Lau
Certified No 21194 Antonio Tjung
Certified No 21195 Craig Robinson
Certified No 21196 Vitantonio Moramarco
Certified No 21197 Julie Armstrong
Certified No 21198 Ray Vassallo
Certified No 21199 Narendra Joshi
Certified No 21200 Brad Bennett
Certified No 21201 Michael Grinyer
Certified No 21202 Peter Hilcke
Certified No 21203 Antonia Scotta di Perta
Certified No 22204 Ben Rogers
Certified No 21205 Don Sherman
Certified No 21206 Neil Ponsonby
Certified No 21207 Jenny Gurr
Certified No 23208 Angles Perez
Certified No 23209 Anuj Sood
Certified No 23210 Tyrone Mann

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