2022 Competitions

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Applications open 1 October 2022

You must register with the institute and be approved to view the application

Approval will require about 24 hours or contact George Hill by email with your contact number

After registeration with the Institute you will view the online application form here.

Alternative download PDF (Not preferred)

We proudly acknowledge Sponsors and Partners of the 2022 “Best of the Best National Culinary Competition.

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2022 Sponsors and Partners


The Smoked Egg Company Sponsor 2022 Best of the Best Certificate II In Commercial Cookery Food Futures Sponsor 2022 Best of the Best Certificate II In Commercial Cookery Dilmah Sponsor 2022 Best of the Best Certificate III In Commercial Cookery
University Meat Sponsor 2022 Best of the Best Certificate IV In Commercial Cookery
  2022 Competition Details Open

 2022 Scholarship Details Open

Entries Accepted From:

Certified No 15101 George Hill
Certified No 15102 Robert Ford
Certified No 15103 Andrew Wisken
Certified No 15105 Handi Susanto
Certified No 15106 Martin Probst
Certified No 15107 Kevin Starow
Certified No 15110 Cam Woolcock
Certified No 15112 Shayne Greenman
Certified No 15114 Ernst Schwab
Certified No 16101 Leslie Chan
Certified No 16103 Jeffery Gear
Certified No 16104 Jason Wilkes
Certified No 16105 Ken Yip
Certified No 16106 Prakash Chand
Certified No 16107 Mark Sweeting
Certified No 16108 Stephen Tryon
Certified No 16109 Fabrizio Restelli
Certified No 16110 Peter Mewett
Certified No 16111 Nicholas Blackmore
Certified No 16112 Sarah Maric
Certified No 16113 Liam (kevin) Nguyen
Certified No 16115 Peter Ristuccia
Certified No 16116 Paul Shay
Certified No 16117 Belinda Clements
Certified No 16118 Murray Twaits
Certified No 16121 Roger Pearson
Certified No 16123 Anthony Hoy
Certified No 16125 Stephen Bennett
Certified No 16126 Hosheder Panthaki
Certified No 16127 Suresh vaidyanathan

Humpty Doo Barramundi: 2022 Best of the Best  Accredited Professional Chefs Research – Grant Scholarship 
Advance Notice of  Competition : August.

Nominations close 31st October

Time Remaining for Entry