AITC 2020 AGM  – Tuesday 10 November 6.30 Pm Melbourne time

Time: STARTS 6:30 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney – Meeting ID: If any issue please telephone 0405 198 140

We have scheduled the AGM to run for about 1 hour (from 6 PM) followed by a 1 hour Council meeting (that you are also invited to attend). Will be very excited for members across Australia to be able to view and talk to colleagues and get to know each other.

We advise the ZOOM meeting is best seen on a desktop or a laptop. We request that as this is members only meeting the link is kept confidential

If you are unable to attend  Zoom or in person please complete the proxy form  and email back to secretary

Members have your say in the future of AITC

AITC has a very committed  hard working committee who have performed miracles during the most extraordinary year in Australian Culinary History. AITC has been involved with online Meetings, Podcasts, Educational Interviews,  Individual Video Promotions and much more that has averaged, an activity once every 14 days.  Council moved to monthly meetings to keep AITC ALIVE FOR YOUR BENIFIT. We do not ask a lot from members, but do ask you to demonstrate your support at least once a year on a ZOOM AGM meeting. If you are really committed to maintaining professional standards (as you demonstrate by registration) we ask and need you to attend the AITC AGM .

This is important.

PLEASE RSVP or consider completing a nomination form or a proxy form below  RSVP LIST

(Full name)
Please add either – certificate number - mobile or email address.)
(Select one)

Members Responded to date

Name Identity Opinion
George Hill 0405 198 140 Attending Meeting on net.
Anthony Hoy 0417319600 Attending Meeting on net.
Jeffrey Gear 0409013561 Attending Meeting on net.
sarah sarahmaric1@bigpond.com Attending Meeting on net.
Abhishek Roy 0416019090 Attending Meeting on net.
Tom Milligan 0424887692 Attending Meeting on net.
Johnny Jong Wun Teck Jong-TChef * 17151 Please record my apologies.
Ernst Schwab 15114 Attending Meeting in person.
Praveen Kaushal 431 568 243 Please record my apologies.
Mark Yates 0405 332 996 Attending Meeting on net.
Ken Yip 0422768704 Attending Meeting on net.
Gure Singh gurvinder.24@gmail.com Please record my apologies.
Daniel Hiltrunner 18156 Attending Meeting on net.
Paul Shay paulshay@bigpond.com Please record my apologies.
Steve Bennett 0418556347 Please record my apologies.
Steve Bennett 0418556347 Please record my apologies.
Gurpreet Bhatia chefgurpreet@gmail.com Attending Meeting on net.
Athol Wark athol.wark@gmail.com Attending Meeting on net.
Anura Jayasuriya jayasuri yaanura@gmail.com Please record my apologies.
Mark Sweeting 0419116649 Attending Meeting in person.
robert ford 0419514320 Attending Meeting in person.


Open complete and return as an attachment – Council Nomination Form 

If you are really unable to attend at lease send in your proxy to any one on the attending list

Open complete and return as an attachment – AGM Proxies 2020


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