Portfolio Description – 4 – Secretary

AITC Management Manual | Job Descriptions Version 7_26/08/19

The position descriptions below identifies the basis of the role and responsibilities of a council member, notwithstanding all council members are expected to evolve their responsibilities to fit the aims and objectives of AITC to continue to emerge as a professional a registration board.


Agree to be named or appointed secretary ‐ be at least 18 years old ‐ live in Australia

REPORTING TO: Council at meetings and members at AGM

Description: Ensure the Institute is maintained as a legally responsible association and ensure that all council adhere to legal and reporting requirements.


* Ensuring meetings are arranged and minutes are kept.

* Collect and keep AITC records.

* Adhere to legal requirements as required for a not for profit association

    • CAV (Consumer Affairs Victoria) details: https://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/clubs‐andfundraising/incorporated‐associations/running‐an‐incorporated‐association/secretary committee‐ and‐office‐holders/secretary

* Broad Australia wide industry network

* Computer competent


* Collect Council Reports, prepare and distribute agenda

* Take minutes and circulate to Council

* Receive and reply to correspondence

* Advise Council on any urgent matters that may need attention between meetings

* Coordinate with the President and Council regarding AITC policy matters

* Attend strategic committees to represent AITC

* Become or delegate the returning officer responsibility at AGM elections

* Maintain council members contact details information

* Maintain registration of business name(s) and ABN

* Maintain CAV account, ASIC account and PO box

* Prepare and submit annual returns – Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV)

* Prepare and distribute meeting agenda, minutes and reports

* Keep log of AITC policies/procedures and processes and initiate reviews

* Prepare AGM materials (agenda, collect reports form council members) and distribute to members – with Registrar

* Maintain council members contact details

* Establish the protocol to have eventual accreditation of AITC with Government


* Lodge an annual statement with us (CAV) within a month after the annual general meeting

* Applying to (CAV) to change the association’s name or rules

* Notifying of: a change to the association’s registered address

* Their appointment as secretary or any changes to their details

* A special resolution to wind up the association or distribute its assets

* Dealing with requests to restrict access to info. in the association’s register of members

* Adding or removing delegates of the association.

* Collect written /digital reports for each Council meeting for minutes

* Provide a verbal report to Council at every Council meeting

* Policies/procedures/processes responsible for:

* General meeting coordination

* Preparation for AGM

* Business Name registration

* Policy and Procedure Register

* Coordinating Policy and Procedure reviews

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