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(Members are commonly known as a Tchef)

What makes registration as a professional chef with the Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs unique?

Registration is the highest national industry accreditation and status that can be acquired as a chef in Australia. AITC membership identifies: Certification – Experience and Professional Conduct.

A genuine professional chef requires two levels of skills: HARD SKILLS AND SOFT SKILLS.

These soft skills are a vital companion to hard skills as a professional.

A professional chef requires both legitimate hard and soft skills. As does a registered TechnicalChef. 

A TechnicalChef (TCHEF) is the culinary equivalent to a “chartered” chef (akin to a chartered accountant versus an accountant).

For over 40 years chefs have ‘dreamed’ that one day (Cooks and Chefs) will be all aligned to a single accreditation. TechnicalChef is implementing a national system that fulfils this ‘dream’.