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Do not confuse a Chef with a professional chef or a registered TechnicalChef”.
In Australia, chefs are not legally required to have any formal practical experience in a commercial kitchen under the supervision of a technically skilled commercial cookery practitioner  (Commonly titled Cook or Chef) to be able to practice as a commercial chef.
A TechnicalChef is different.

Members of the Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs  are required to have a minimum of three years (6000 hours) foundation training experience in commercial food preparation under the supervision of a technically skilled commercial cookery supervisor.

1. Skills

Assessed by the length of time in foundation skills training and development in a commercial kitchen (A minimum of three years or 6000 hours)

Rules and conditions – Skills

1. Applicants must verify their foundation training in commercial cookery, defined by the AITC as “Skills”.

2. AITC requires a minimum of three years foundation training in a commercial kitchen as an apprentice cook, trainee, assistant, or commis.


3. Appropriate full time culinary training will in part be recognised by AITC as foundation skills.

4. The maximum number of employers allowed during foundation training as an apprentice cook, trainee, assistant, or commis is three. (A Group Training Company is considered one employer).

5. Provided they fulfil all other conditions for membership, applicants who do not have foundation training will have the right to sit a practical examination.

6. There will be an additional cost equal to the cost of delivery of the test.

7. AITC reserves the right to request certified documents to show claimed foundation training.

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