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Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs – Professional Development.
A TechnicalChef is required to achieve a minimum of fifty (50) points of professional development points during their initial two and thereafter every five years of  registration.

Precedence will be set by the AITC council. However  as a general rule,  1 point nominally equate to 1  hour of extra culinary activities depending upon its rigor.

Activities are defined as involvements that  influences and stimulate personal and/or  professional development and external to day to day  occupational role.(With the exception when training apprentices)

Points may be accumulated from activities that are participatory, networking, advisory, educational, training, social and more.

Unique activities submitted to council for consideration must include a description, reason for approval and approximate hours involved in the activity.

Approved activities will be must be individually beneficial,  culinary specific, have a measureable outcome, linked to a time-period, relevant to the responsibility of a professional chef. 

Activities and programs may be submitted by Institutes, organisations and associations for AITC official approval.

Chefs personally develop in many ways and not always through formal education, this program recognise that fact.

A personal dairy of involvement is highly recommended and a record of CPD will be required prior to re-registration. The following list is not inclusive.




 Approved annual points for:

 Approved annual points for:

Approved annual points for:

Enriching experiences:

– Local culinary competition
– National culinary competition
– International culinary competition
– Subscriptions to industry magazines

Networking experiences:

– Member of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs
– Member of A.C.F
– Member of L.T.B
– Member of Académie Culinaire de France
– Member of other culinary association


Advisory experiences:

– Culinary Judge
– Consultancy roles within Hospitality
– Membership culinary committees 
Direct responsibility for training apprentices 
– Published articles or books


sd-educational sd-training sd-social

 Approved annual points for:

Approved annual points for:

 Approved annual points for:

Educational experiences:

– Advanced Cookery Certificates
– Hospitality related diploma plus.
– Hospitality related degree plus.
– Other formal studies

Attendance experiences:

– Industry related courses/programs
– Personal development workshops
– Culinary related master classes/workshops
– Culinary excursions

Social and Promotion experiences:

– Culinary social events
– Social media – LinkedIn – Facebook
– Media reviews


CPD Details

(Take me to Council Contacts)
- For governance or sponsorship.
Vice President
- For general information.
- For A.I.T.C meeting dates.
- For account enquiries

Education - For training institute liaison.
- For branding discussions.
- For application process.
- For press inquiries.
- For chef queries.




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