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The Australian Institute of Technical Chefs standards and operation is administered by a council of TechnicalChefs who are  advised by  field officers and the sales and marketing team ( All Members) .

Additional positions of responsibility  deemed necessary by the council  to fulfill the purpose of the Institute may be seconded by council  and proposed to be added at the subsequent Annual General Meeting.




George Hill – PRESIDENT


Kevin Starow – BRANDING

Governance – Initiating and Coordinating development.-  Leadership.- Manages disputes.

E-mail A.I.T.C – President      
Web / Social Media

Liaison with training providers (public and private) – Promote the aims of the Institute to the potential futures market – Processes and protocols

Email A.I.T.C – Manager : Education
Website/Social Media

Branding- Designs  and public and professional  image of AITC –  Manager Facebook (Closed group ) – Establish processes for long term protection of title.

Email A.I.T.C – Manager : Innovation
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Andrew Wisken – REGISTRAR

Raquel Townsend – VICE PRESIDENT

Martin Probst – MARKETING

Registration administration- Authorises use or withdrawal of A.I.T.C logo. – Chairs member selection committee, – Approves applications-  Informs applicants of result. – Maintains lists of registered chefs.

Email A.I.T.C -Manager : Registrar
Website/Social Media

Act in absence of chair. Managing unique projects. Chairs new or changes to policies subcommittee.

Email A.I.T.C -Manager : Vice-President
Website/Social Media

Developing and managing A.I.T.C. marketing strategy- The media manager / face for A.I.T.C – Regular Press releases about A.I.T.C – Manages U-tube   Arranges direct mail-campaigns
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 council-rfn  council-kn

Domenico Tellatin – TREASURER

Robert Ford – SECRETARY


Financial management – Reports of income and expenses -Authorize spending – Create annual budget – Control expenditure – Keeps records of income and expenses.(Assistant registerer

Email A.I.T.C -Manager : Treasurer
Website/Social Media

Agendas- Records – Consumer affairs documentations – Lodging statements- AGM – AITC  spokesperson on  cookery curriculum content.

Email A.I.T.C -Manager : Secretary
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Personal approaches to chefs and public circles –  Distribution of pamphlets, brochures and other marketing materials.

Email A.I.T.C – Manager : Industry Liaison
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Daman ShrivastavC.P.D.(Continuous Professional Development)



Investigate and recommend strategies to enhance and manage the “Continuous Professional Development”  requirements of TechnicalChef

Email – CPD Manager

New South Wales Councillor Communication strategist that bring to fruition,  insights, experiences and recommendations leading to digital communications and digital engagement between members and the association in meetings.

Email A.I.T.C Manager Digital Communication



Australian Capital Territory - Belinda Santa

New South Wales - Prakash Chand

Northern Territory - Jason Wilkes

Queensland: Brisbane to Cairns - Jeffrey gear

Queensland: NSW to Brisbane - Shayne Greenman

South Australia - Roger Pearson

Tasmania - Steve Bennett

Victoria - Greg Turner

Western Australia - Ian Sescon

Certified No 15101 George Hill

Certified No 15102 Robert Ford

Certified No 15103 Andrew Wisken

Certified No 15104 Raquel Townsend

Certified No 15105 Handi Susanto

Certified No 15106 Martin Probst

Certified No 15107 Kevin Starow

Certified No 15108 Keith Byron

Certified No 15109 Danny Ward

Certified No 15110 Cam Woolcock

Certified No 15111 Ian Sescon

Certified No 15112 Shayne Greenman

Certified No 15113 Domenico Tellatin

Certified No 15114 Ernst Schwab

Certified No 15115 Mike Scheumann

Certified No 15116 Nigel Engel

Certified No 15117 Greg Turner

Certified No 16101 Leslie Chan

Certified No 16102 Antony Henare

Certified No 16103 Jeffery Gear

Certified No 16104 Jason Wilkes

Certified No 16105 Ken Yip

Certified No 16106 Prakash Chand

Certified No 16107 Mark Sweeting

Certified No 16108 Stephen Tryon

Certified No 16109 Fabrizio Restelli

Certified No 16110 Peter Mewett

Certified No 16111 Nicholas Blackmore

Certified No 16112 Sarah Maric

Certified No 16113 Liam (Kevin) Nguyen

Certified No 16114 Wili Fernandez

Certified No 16115 Peter Ristuccia

Certified No 16116 Paul Shay

Certified No 16117 Belinda Santa

Certified No 16118 Murray Twiats

Certified No 16119 John Abblit

Certified No 16120 Mark Weatherley

Certified No 16121 Roger Pearson

Certified No 16122 Prasad Karve

Certified No 16123 Anthony Hoy

Certified No 16124 Rajinder Singh

Certified No 16125 Stephen Bennett

Certified No 16126 Hosheder Panthaki

Certified No 16127 Suresh Vaidyanathan

Certified No 16128 George Jefferies

Certified No 16129 James Crute

Certified No 16130 John Deane

Certified No 16131 Christopher Tandy

Certified No 16132 Mark Normoyle

Certified No 16133 Dale Lyman

Certified No 16134 Shane Beatterson

Certified No 16135 Bernd Uber

Certified No 16136 David White

Certified No 17137 Todd Thorburn

Certified No 17138 Gary Smith

Certified No 17139 Mark Yates

Certified No 17140 Luisito Abejuela

Certified No 17141 Michael Cole

Certified No 17142 Graeme Chalmers

Certified No 17143 Tom Milligan

Certified No 17144 Barbra Porter

Certified No 17145 Ross Hardman

Certified No 17146 Danman Shrivastav

Certified No 17147 Duc Nghiem

Certified No 17148 Tuan Ngo

Certified No 17149 Peter Conheady Barker

Certified No 17150 Kris Bhatti

Certified No 17151 Wun Teck Jong

Certified No 17152 Daniel Soto

Certified No 17153 Michelle Boyle

Certified No 17154 Manish Srivastava

Certified No 17155 Scott Gooch

Certified No 18156 Daniel Hiltrunner

Certified No 18157 Joseph Gurto

Certified No 18158 Craig Dowling

(Take me to Council Contacts)
- For governance or sponsorship.
Vice President
- For general information.
- For A.I.T.C meeting dates.
- For account enquiries

Education - For training institute liaison.
- For branding discussions.
- For application process.
- For press inquiries.
- For chef queries.




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