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Created by a group of commercial chefs. TechnicalChef responds to the growing fickle and often confusing use of the title “chef”.
The title “chef” has lost its professional significance in everyday use, and in the media. TechnicalChef exists to protect the title of trained and professional commercial chefs.
Members of the Australian Institute of Technical Chef’s are licensed to publicly demonstrate they are qualified, experienced and ethical. Membership gives a chef “What deceit, money, or fame cannot buy” Authenticity, Respectability and Creditability. The TechnicalChefs register identifies professionals who have fulfilled the qualification, experience, fitness, and admission requirements of A.I.T.C and considered to have the qualities of a legitimate commercial chef.
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Applicants apply online to the Australian Institute of Technical Chefs, and must provide evidence of commercial cookery qualifications, industrial experience, a commitment to uphold Codes of Practice and pursue continuous self- development activities.
Approved members appear on the official National Registry of Australian TechnicalChefs and on the searchable association website by name, date, and registration number.
TechnicalChef members are licensed to use the TechnicalChef logo for personal, career and business in accordance with guidelines.
More detailed information of the guidelines are described on this website.
Fundamentally, TechnicalChef is a logo you can trust. If found in breach of the conditions required to display the logo, members may be expelled.
Frequently Asked Questions provide many common answers, Including: policies and conditions.
A long-term goal of the Institute is to investigate legal avenues of protecting a title in Australian law as a “Protected Name given to a professional commercial chef”. This process will take some time (Years) and is not to be taken for granted.
Meanwhile it will be a professional chefs association in every sense of the word.
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Apply-buttonThe general public generally misunderstand what a “chef“ really is. The common belief is that anyone who cooks food as a job is a chef. However a genuine professional chef is much more than wearing a crisp white coat,  and only preparing food.

Furthermore unfortunately the title Chef, Professional Chef, Certified Chef, Master Chef, Executive Chef, Chef de cuisine, and other job descriptions have different ambiguous meanings that depend upon ones own perception.

The TechnicalChef logo is the Australian Commercial Cookery Industry validation that identifies all of the above titles in one logo.

The logo shows the person is an industry licensed professional commercial chef. The logo verifies the user has met minimum  professional industrial standards in  commercial cookery  training and commercial kitchen experience; and aware of their ethical obligations in practice.

Licensed TechnicalChefs:

Andrew Wisken AITC Certified 15103

Anthony Hoy AITC Certified 16123

Antony Henare AITC Certified 16102

Belinda Santa AITC Certified 16117

Bernd Uber AITC Certified 16135

Cam Woolcock AITC Certified 15110

Christopher Tandy AITC Certified 16131

Dale Lyman AITC Certified 16133

Danny Ward AITC Certified 15109

David White AITC Certified 16136

Domenico Tellatin AITC Certified 15113

Ernst Schwab AITC Certified 15114

Fabrizio Restelli AITC Certified 16109

Garry Smith

George Hill AITC Certified 15101

George Jefferies AITC Certified 16128

Greg Turner AITC Certified 15117

Handi Susanto AITC Certified 15105

Hosheder Panthaki AITC Certified 16126

Ian Sescon AITC Certified 15111

James Crute AITC Certified 16129

Jason Wilkes AITC Certified 16104

Jeffery Gear AITC Certified 16103

John Deane AITC Certified 16130

John Abblit AITC Certified 16119

Keith Byron AITC Certified 15108

Ken Yip AITC Certified 16105

Kevin Starow AITC Certified 15107

Leslie Chan AITC Certified 16101

Liam (kevin) Nguyen AITC Certified 16113

Mark Normoyle AITC Certified 16132

Mark Sweeting AITC Certified 16107

Mark Weatherley AITC Certified 16120

Martin Probst AITC Certified 15106

Mike Scheumann AITC Certified 15115

Murray Twiats AITC Certified 16118

Nicholas Blackmore AITC Certified 16111

Nigel Engel AITC Certified 15116

Paul Shay AITC Certified 16116

Peter Mewett AITC Certified 16110

Peter Ristuccia AITC Certified 16115

Prakash Chand AITC Certified 16106

Prasad Karve AITC Certified 16122

Rajinder Singh AITC Certified 16124

Raquel Townsend AITC Certified 15104

Robert Ford AITC Certified 15102

Roger Pearson AITC Certified 16121

Sarah Maric AITC Certified 16112

Shane Beatterson AITC Certified 16134

Shayne Greenman AITC Certified 15112

Stephen Bennett AITC Certified 16125

Stephen Tryon AITC Certified 16108

Suresh vaidyanathan AITC Certified 16127

Todd Thorburn

Wili Fernandez AITC Certified 16114

Members Are:

Banquet Chefs

Bistro Chefs

Caterer Chefs

Chef Consultants

Chef De Cuisines

Chef Educators

Chef Representatives

Club Chefs

Corporate Chefs

Executive Chefs

Foodservice Manager Chefs

Group Executive Chefs

Hotel Head Chefs

Multinational Chefs

Owner Chefs

Resort Chefs

Restaurant Chefs

Training and Development Chefs

University Educator Chefs


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