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Born on May 20, 1942, in Bangalore, India, George has been active in the industry since 1957.

George’s first memory of wishing to be a cook was at the age of nine when he won a competition in a fancy dress party dressed as a cook in competition aboard a British repatriation ship returning British subjects to England in 1950.

So started a lifelong love of all things associated with the chefs’ hat that has contributed to an unfinished career of well over 65 years directly or indirectly associated with commercial cookery.

My cookery career began as an apprentice cook in 1956 at the Cumberland Hotel London. Then immigrated to Australia in 1966 and worked as a chef at the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) Melbourne. IN 1971 moved to the William Angliss Institute of TAFE in Melbourne as a commercial cookery teacher. That eventually resulted in leading a large team of 30 plus food department teaching staff.

Being an apprentice, cook, chef de partie, sous chef, Chef de Cuisine, cookery teacher, commercial cookery educational manager, owner operator of a 5 star “Foodie” B&B and a hospitality consultant, have all contributed to a sparkling and dynamic career. During which George has been responsible in some way, either at the coalface, or in administration for the training of thousands of people in cookery and hospitality programs, authored a number of books and videos, directed many salon culinaires including, The Director World Championships in Commercial Cookery and personally won over 18 Salon Culinaire medals including gold at the Culinary Olympics on the Australian National Team.

Over my career experienced huge changes in the way cooks and chefs have been trained, seen tremendous changes in styles of food presentation. “However, the biggest changes have been on the plate in an era with the most unbelievable revolution the world has ever seen in food preparation.

A career that spans from the closing stages of the philosophy of the classical kitchen and the utter worship of all things stated in the bible of a “Le Repertoire de La Cuisine” or “Larousse Gastronomic”. Encountering all the fads and fashion in-between, to the current freedom of expression, artistic license, with menus that draw upon many food cultures, the contemporary fusion, molecular gastronomy and modern Australian.

Who can be so lucky to have enjoyed a career in an era of the greatest changes in global cuisine? Who can be so lucky to love cookery in a lifelong job, which in reality is a “hobby”.

George’s philosophy is based on a simple premise “Whatever one can dream, one can do, you just have to begin it” then pick yourself up and start again till you achieve it.

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  • Apprentice Cook - Commis - Chef de Parti - Sous - Chef de Cuisine - Teacher - Education Administrator - Small Business - Consultant
  • 68 Years associated with commercial cookery
  • Apprentice - Commis - Chef de Parti - Sous - Chef de Cuisine – Teacher - Education Administrator – Owner Small Business – Consultant.
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  • Apprenticeship in Cookery> City and Guilds London Institute Cookery Qualifications: 147 - 149 – 151. Follow by: Apprenticeship in Cookery > Certificates: Economics – Maintenance- – Small business Finance – Wine and spirits– Introductory law - Time management > Diploma of Applied Science (Food and Foodservice- R.M.I.T.) > Trained Trade Instructors Certificate > Diploma of Technical Teaching > Management Development Program: Australian Administrative Staff College > Workplace Assessor and Industry Assessor.
  • City and Guilds (London ): 147 - 149 - 151 ( Australia) Diploma /Teaching and Management Qualifications .
  • South East London Institute - RMIT Melbourne
  • Southeast London Institute - Hawthorn Institute /William Angliss Institute R.M.I.T / Administrative Staff College.
  • 1960 -1990