The reason why has TechnicalChef evolved?

The reason why has TechnicalChef evolved?

The new chefs association started in late 2015 registers legitimate chefs and licenses members to use a logo to prove to the public that they are a professional commercial chef. The first group of licensed chefs is now on the online registry . . The list is updated monthly.

We have many farcical situations where currently there is no difference between a qualified, experience chef, and an apprentice, food stylist, author, restaurant reviewer, pizza maker and more.

Anyone who can put food on a plate is now dubbed a chef, particularly in print media, in advertisements or on television, without any regard to the holistic requirements to be a dependable commercial cook/chef.

Watered down curriculum, severe budgetary cuts have diluted skills, and inappropriate media promotions have deterred many young from seeking a career in commercial cookery.

In addition, even the community has been brainwashed by media to believe that a chef is the trade and vocation, forgetting its original meaning as a position of responsibility and specialist in a commercial kitchen.

The Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs an Australian association of professional chefs. The Institute identifies those who are the skilled senior professionals, (The Officers in the kitchen) who with the modern chefs (who are the runners) team together in a modern kitchen to deliver the foodservice.

TechnicalChef is a new ideology only suitable for proven specialists, an association that demand members conform to minimum standards and codes required by any responsible vocation or genuine profession. The organisation is more than just a social club is. It is holistically a professional association. Commercial chefs, who recognize the current false impressions that come with the modern title chef will understand exactly what this means in destroying their career and reputation as a legitimate cookery expert.

Professionals will also realise the need to belong to an organisation to safeguard their career and title. Join now if you have the appropriate credentials and fitness to be a licensed as a Technical Chef.

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