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We welcome professional chefs who are currently employed in a commercial kitchen, or in an occupation that emanated from the qualifications and experience as a professional chef.

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• This is required for security and system purposes, or you may have problems when returning to this site.
All fields are required – including first (given) and last (family) name, title and contact details (or you will be deleted).
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  • First Name as it would appear if inducted on a certificate of membership.
  • Last Name as it would appear on an approved licensed certificate of membership.
  • The password is recommended to be at least eight characters, with a mix of letters and numbers. The minimum is five (with a mix of uppercase and lower case) Minimum length of 5 characters.
  • Username re use email address Identify your current industry/culinary title. This compulsory information is to ensure you are from the Australian Hospitality Industry. NOTE If left blank, you will be deleted.
  • Preferably - Use your private e-mail address. Chefs change employers. Your personal email is more reliable. Or you will need to change the email address (if you change roles)
  • Please identify a contact number: Mobile - Work landline - or Home Telephone Number. (including area code)This is only ever used to contact you if you have difficulty with any aspects or access to the site. You may wish to also include a short one-line description of your career: EG. From Apprentice cook/chef /Trainee/ College/ to Chef > to Sous-Chef > to ? Executive Chef/ Chef de Cuisine/ Teacher/ Manager/ Sales Etc.
  • Optional - Are you on Facebook or LinkedIn? Add Facebook - Linked Both - Nil. This is for applicants who wish to apply for induction into the Institute as evidence of industry background.

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