Portfolio Description – 7.7 – General Manager Professional Development

AITC Management Manual | Job Descriptions Version 7_26/08/19

The position descriptions below identifies the basis of the role and responsibilities of a council member, notwithstanding all council members are expected to evolve their responsibilities to fit the aims and objectives of AITC to continue to emerge as a professional a registration board.

TITLE/POSITION: General Manager – PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – REPORTING TO: Council at meetings and members at AGM

Description: To manage the CDP requirement of AITC provide continuous professional development to our members and industry to not only ensure individuals remain relevant and current in today’s ever changing environment, but further more can positively influence our culinary occupation.

Manage external professional development activities( EG podcasts)

If required: Check applications  advise council and authorise membership renewals based on a member responding to continuous development requirements and membership renewals‐ In the case where objective doubt exists, to refer the final decision to the council.


* Delivering additional value to our members and industry by offering educational events

* Investigate avenues for continuous professional development to members E.G. Podcasts

* Provide our members with the opportunity to fulfil “Condition 4: Continues self-development”

* Passion for self‐development (Personal &professional)

* Event Management experience

* Computer literate


* Work closely with Registrar – Marketing managers to initiate and grow CPD process

* Identify industry skills gaps

* Develop a concept proposal for CDP to be delivered by the web

* Advise members of CDP requirements

* Organizing/running educational events (with collaboration of AITC supporters etc.)

* Audit CDP requirements of members

* Authorise membership renewals as per AITC guidelines and constitution

* Provide a written /digital report for secretary for each Council meeting

* Provide a verbal report at every Council meeting

* Running/organising high quality and educational events that will assist AITC members, cooks and chef’s with their daily tasks and responsibilities

* CPD process and documents

* Membership categories, fees and criteria guidelines – see registrar

* Policies/procedures/processes responsible for:

* CPD process and documents – Liaise with Registrar on request

* Membership categories, fees and criteria guidelines – Liaise with Registrar on request

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