Portfolio Description – 2 – President Elect

AITC Management Manual | Job Descriptions Version 7_26/08/19

The position descriptions below identifies the basis of the role and responsibilities of a council member, notwithstanding all council members are expected to evolve their responsibilities to fit the aims and objectives of AITC to continue to emerge as a professional a registration board.


Description: Provide thought provoking directions that assist the association develop, and be able at any time to accept the responsibility of leader. ‐ Has the same responsibilities and duties as President ‐ Accepts an unwritten commitment to stand as President at next AGM.


* Assist the President to lead the development of the Institute

* In the absence of the President represent the Institute

* Learn and understand the role of the President

* While the position of president is an elected officer, there will be an unwritten expectation that the Senior Vice President will stand for election as the next AGM as AITC President.

* Any member may stand and be elected as SVP and will still need to stand at the AGM to be endorsed as President.

* In the absence of the President consult with Vice president on issues to be dealt with and chairing meetings

* Preferably good industry network

* Computer competent

* Ability to network at all levels in the Hospitality and Tourism industry and community


* In the absence of the President take the role and duties of the President o Provide a written /digital report for secretary for each Council meeting

* Provide a verbal report to Council at every Council meeting

* Policies/procedures/processes responsible for Constitution and By‐Laws

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