Portfolio Description – 76 – General Manager Communication

AITC Management Manual | Job Descriptions Version 7_26/08/19


TITLE/POSITION: General Manager – COMMUNICATION REPORTING TO: Council at meetings and members at AGM

Description: Explore and manage electronic media avenues to promote the Institute.


* Manage the electronic communication needs of AITC

* Manage Webpage and Social Media platforms

* Arrange broadcasts of events and meetings and organise online meetings

* Prepare up‐date backup of E. records/web/ for each Council meeting

* Computer competent / savvy

* Word press Facebook and social media competent


* Respond to media on issues that affect commercial cookery standards

* Keeps safe the records of the Institute – Backup of web and other resources

* Provide a written /digital report for secretary for each Council meeting

* Provide a verbal report to Council at every Council meeting

* Policies/procedures/processes responsible for: Style guide – Website



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