Portfolio Description – 1. President

AITC Management Manual | Job Descriptions Version 7_26/08/19

The position descriptions below identifies the basis of the role and responsibilities of a council member, notwithstanding all council members are expected to evolve their responsibilities to fit the aims and objectives of AITC to continue to emerge as a professional a registration board.

TITLE/POSITION: PRESIDENT REPORTING TO: Council at meetings and members at AGM

Description: Provide leadership and direction while maintaining a neutral opinion in decision making processes. ‐ Delegate tasks to appropriate council members. ‐ Develop initiatives to promote AITC. ‐ Develop submissions. ‐ Promotions, Initiate AITC meetings. ‐ Keep all dealings transparent. ‐ Maintain good relationships with other chefs organisations. ‐ Maintain standards and a National focus to reflect constitution. ‐ Maintain the focus and path of the institute and its mission. ‐ Meet with potential sponsor. ‐ Represent AITC whenever possible. ‐ Respond to media opinions that conflict with AITC Philosophy. ‐ Spearhead integrity. ‐ Understand and support general managers and alternative opinions.


* Provide strategic leadership and direction to the Institute

* Represent the Institute when necessary

* Ensure Constitution and By‐laws are adhered to

* Ensure and assist managers maintain their mission

* Understand current issues that affect professional chefs

* Ensure standards and professionalism is the hallmark of the association

* Preferably broad Australia wide industry network

* Computer competent

* Ability to network at all levels in the Hospitality and Tourism industry and community


* Chair meetings

* Attend events to represent AITC

* Delegate new tasks to most suitable Council member

* Consider and propose changes to council structure that is constitutionally possible and in the best interests of the association going forward

* Coordinate with the Secretary in preparing for meetings and identifying issues for discussion and resolution

* Collect members opinions and respond to updates with commercial cookery curriculum

* Act as conduit between professional associations, state and federal jurisdictions

* Establish and lobby appropriate government departments to lobby AITC

* Contact Presidents of tourism and hospitality associations to encourage cooperation (e.g.: exchange of logos) and support for a professional chef’s registration board

* Provide a written /digital report for secretary for each Council meeting and the AGM

* Provide a verbal report to Council at every Council meeting

* Policies/procedures/processes responsible for Constitution and By‐Laws

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