Do not confuse a Chef with a professional chef or a registered TechnicalChef”.

Chefs in Australia are not required to follow codes of practice, or  maintain competency in work related skills and aptitudes (continuous professional self-development).

A TechnicalChef is different.

Adhering to codes of practice ensure minimum professional standards for a commercial chef; just as neglect of self development has serious consequences, and chefs become quickly out of date.

Members of the Institute are required to agree to a binding professional commitments.

Ten Australian Culinary Codes of Practice  and  Agree to formal and informal continuous self – development.

5. Obligations

  1. Agree to follow the Australian Culinary Codes of Practice.
  2. Show a minimum of 50 points in self development activities prior to re-registration for continued membership.

Rules and conditions – Obligations:

  1. Applicants must agree to adhere to the Australian Culinary Codes of Practice.
  2. TechnicalChefs are required to achieve a minimum of fifty (50) professional development points during their initial two, and thereafter every five years of registration.

Read Codes of Practice:

Read Professional Development

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