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Open file.

Save to a USB.

Produce at Officeworks or local color printer

Available resource: Download Information:


Business Card  Member.

Cost – Depends on number.

Open PDF

Save to USB

Color Print

Download Front

Download Back

Member Only – Password required.

Car , Bumper and Window Stickers (B)

Approx. cost for single unit $5

20 CM x 4 CM download on a USB and print onto vinyl label

Download (B) GIF STICKER

Most “Trash and Treasurer” markets have stalls that will produce  waterproof stickers

Member Only

Password required.

Email Signature (C)

Cost Nil

Download (C1) JPG Download Signature Black

Download (C2) GIF Download Signature Square

Download (C3) GIF Download Signature Grey

Member Only

Password required.

Office Certificate

Cost Nil

Example of frame only

PDF Certificate (Issued to members).

Frame to suit your office or workplace.

Issued personally to member only.

Office Member Decal

(A5 0r A4) (D)

Cost $1- 2 per unit

Download (D1) A5 in PDF format print and and frame to suit your décor.

Download (D2) A4 in PDF format print and and frame to suit your décor.

Member Only

Password required.

Handout and speaker notes. For presentations and talks by members to groups (E) Download (E)

Word  Format.

Read Full Text.

Staff Notice Boards and Presentations

Cost $ 2- 3 per unit.

Produce in full colour

Download (F) A4 in PDF format and print.

Download (F) A3 in PDF format and print.


Pamphlet (G2).

Cost (Colour ) 30c per unit.

Back to back colour pamphlet.

(A4 size cut into three pamphlets).
Guillotined along very faint guide line at top of front and back page.

(G1)  PDF Front.

(A1)  PDF   Back.

Social media websites Stamp (H). Download(H1) JPG Square stamp.

Download(H2) JPG Round stamp.

Member Only.

Password required.


Personal ID Sticker (small) For Mobile, Ipod, Laptop, Envelope, Postcard (I)

Cost depends on number printed

3-4 Cents per label


Compatible sizes.

L7157, 959060, L7157GU, 938200, J8157, 936059, 936058, 936015.

33 Labels to an A4 sheet.

 Download Label PDF.

Member Only.

Password required.


T-shirt (J)

Cost depends on T- Shirt quality and additional printing cost.

(J) Image (PDF)Take to a T-shirt printerMember Only.Password required.
Chefs Jacket Badge (K) To be finalised/announced – Real design

Member Only

Pin (L) Available at cost of $10 each

Email treasurer to order

Member Only

Password protected

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