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AITC acknowledge the following organisations and individuals that have contributed towards this collection of learning resources.
(copyright is stated against each resource) George Hill – Chefpedia.org  –  Salonculinaire.com – Unox 

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Catalogue of subjects available to members:

A. Associated Culinary Knowledge:

Australian Culinary Codes of Practices-Conference/Published Papers-Conflict Resolution-Critical Path Analysis-Culinary History – Culture Skills-Ethics and Conventions-HACCP-Leadership-legislation-Nutrition – OHS/ Worksafe-Stress Management-Supervision – Time Management-Workcare-Miscellaneous.

B. Food Preparation Knowledge:

Appetizers – Beef – Butter Sculpture – Cakes – Cheese – Chocolate –  Culinary Terminology – Dairy – Eggs – Cheese – Equipment – Fish Cuts – Fruit – Fungi – Game – Herbs – Ice Carving – Lamb – Methods of Cookery – Mise – en – place – Molecular Gastronomy – Pastry – Pork – Potato – Poultry – Salads- Sauces – Shellfish – Spices – Sugar Work – Sweets – Techniques and Tricks – Veal – Vegetable Carvings – Vegetables- Miscellaneous.

Sample Resources 1  Video (Equipment 1 to 6)

Sample Resources Video (Techniques and Tricks)

Sample Resources 3  Chart (Classical and International Fish Cut)

Sample Resources 4 PDF (Why do professional chefs need TechnicalChef in Australia? )



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