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How Chefs Grow – a philosophical view

A trainee or an apprentice is learning to use their hands to become a qualified cook.

qualified cook has learnt to use their hands and now learning to use their brain to develop into a chef.

Chef has learnt to use their hands and their brain and now learning to use other hands to advance to a Sous chef.

Sous chef has learnt to use their hands, their brain and other hands and now learning to use other brains to be promoted to Chef de Cuisine.

Chef de Cuisine has learnt to use their hands; their brain, other hands other brains and now learning how to use other hands and brains in external kitchens to progress to Executive chef.

An Executive Chef has learnt to use their hands; their brain, other hands, and other brains in local and external kitchens and is now learning how to grow their professionalism to reach their full potential and reach the ultimate career goal as a TechnicalChef.

TechnicalChef It is the highest category of chef with a professional attitude.

TechnicalChef is an attitude that can be achieved at any level from becoming a chef through to Executive chef, and continues for those who have turned  their skills to other commercial cookery careers that require the foundation skills and attitude of a trained and experienced chef.  Attitude is very influential to being successful, that’s why TechnicalChefs are successful people.


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