Handbook 2017-2019

Three model pages for 2017-2017 Handbook

1. Decide which of three formats you would like to use.

2. Download the word form below and save

3. Carefully complete the details  required, proof read  and save

4. Return the completed form in an Email to George (as an attachment) adding a high resolution picture as described on the form.

Example Model A

Download Model A Form save, complete and return

Example Model B

Download Model B Form save, complete and return

Example Model C

Download Model C Form save, complete and return

Prospectus Documents Example

If you wish to receive the files to locally print  this prospectus (IN COLOUR) This will help the Institute on our very tight budget.

Please email George

The files may be printed in any office works or on a quality printer. Files include – Covering Submission- Codes of Practice – Poster- Sample Press releases – Example of planned handbook.

Add a covering letter or deliver personally to your contact.

Link Below:

[iframe src=”http://technicalchef.com/resources/prospectus-flip/Prospectus.html” width=”99%” height=”100%”]
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