(Q).What is the best way to show that I am a Technical Chef? {tooltip} – Hover mouse for answer. {end-textf} Members will be sent a logo and decal. Link your name with the Association’s prestigious image by displaying the TechnicalChef decal. Advertise your status on: kitchen notice board, office wall , restaurant window. AND, add the logo to your business card, menu, stationery, website.{end-tooltip}

(Q).I am a chef from overseas working in Australia, where I originally come from; we did not have apprenticeships or other formal ways that one trains to be a chef. How can I become a member of the Institute.? {tooltip} – Hover mouse over for answer. {end-textf} Yes, you can become a member. The Institute does not discriminate against other systems.  However, just as any chef in Australia who does not have official qualifications or formal on the job training experience, you will need to provide evidence of a minimum of six years working in commercial kitchen ( In Australia or Internationally),and expect to take a theory and practical examination. The examinations will focus on modern Western Cuisine theory and techniques.{end-tooltip}

(Q).Where is abuse of the logo reported, E.G. Someone using the TechnicalChef logo who appears not be registered? {tooltip} – Hover mouse over for answer. {end-textf} First ensure the chef is not in the online registry. If not, contact administration with details for follow up.{end-tooltip}

(Q).Is the Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs a chefs association? {tooltip} – Hover mouse over for answer. {end-textf} Only in the sense that the Institute exists as a registrar of chefs who are appropriately trained and experienced to practice as a legitimate chef.
For legal purposes The Institute is registered as a not – for – profit association. The Australian  Institute of TechnicalChefs is not in competition with any existing chefs organisation and will not be involved with activities normally associated with chefs associations such as competitions and social events. All activities are related to standards , education and recognition as a commercial cook and chef.

(Q).What does my registration number indicate? {tooltip} – Hover mouse over for answer. {end-textf} All approved Technical Chef’s have a registration number.
Thefour digits show the year approved, followed by a member number. For example “1623” indicates the member was approved in 2016 and is member 23 in that year

(Q).What may happen  to registered a TechnicalChef found to be or bringing the association into disrepute E.G. Not following the Culinary Codes of Practice? {tooltip} – Hover mouse over for answer. {end-textf} The basic principle of “three strokes and member is out applies”; however in rare cases may depend upon how serious.
In normal circumstances, following firm evidence of the misconduct, which must be proven, the council will send:
1. A letter or email with a request of explanation.
2. On a subsequent warning; that continued affiliation is in jeopardy.
3. On a third occasion the affiliate will be removed from the register.

(Q).How do I use the TechnicalChef logo? {tooltip} – Hover mouse over for answer.{end-textf} The logo may be used by registered chefs in promotional materials, business cards letterhead and more..
Registered persons may also incorporate their existing role.
E.G. An approved technical chef may use their job description in conjunction with their title and logo: For example:
John Cook, Technical Chef (TC Logo)
John Cook, Technical Sous Chef (TC Logo)
John Cook, Technical Chef de Cuisine (TC Logo)
John Cook, Technical Executive Chef (TC Logo)
Technical Corporate Chef (TC Logo) ETC.
On the condition that their technical description matches their current written job description. And the description is technically factual within the following policy guidelines.
Sous chef must be the second in charge to the chef de cuisine in a commercial kitchen irrespective of size.
Executive Sous chef must me the senior sous chef with a brigade that employs more than one Sous chef
Chef de Cuisine must be responsible for complete management of a commercial kitchen.
Executive Chef must be responsible for two or more full time commercial kitchen with two or more Sous chefs or Chefs de cuisines reporting directly to them.
Ask the council for clarification and approval if in doubt

(Q).What does the logo represent?{tooltip} – Hover mouse over for answer.{end-textf} The TechnicalChef logo . TCHEF, identifies the person as a “CHEF” and the  “t ” stands for technical and by shape represents the brim of a classical hat.{end-tooltip}

(Q).Is TechnicalChef attempting to take us back to the old days? {tooltip} – Hover mouse over for answer. {end-textf} Definitely not! TechnicalChef is not about being old fashioned.
Chefs may, will and should change the way they combine, prepare, and present food to reflect their own individual ideas and philosophy.
Change is good, and change is a part of progress.
However, while encouraging change, chefs must hold fast to their core values and attributes.
Chefs must not place core values and attributes into the same pot as changes to preparation and presentation.
They must maintain their core values:
A commitment to protect their brand.
Show they follow an agreed code of practices.
Respect culinary history.
And demonstrate they are privileged to belong to a unique group of respected skilled and reputable professionals.

(Q).I am an apprentice, can I apply?{tooltip} – Hover mouse over for answer. {end-textf} The minimum “experience” to be registered as a TechnicalChef is six years. We will welcome an application after six years experience.  {end-tooltip}

(Q).I am a chef by occupation, and believe I am a technical chef, why would I join? {tooltip} – Hover mouse over for answer.{end-textf} You may well be entitled to become a member and welcome to join with professionals who show the public they are committed to professional standards, however until you personally commit to the professional standards of practice and ethics required by the Institute you are not considered a TechnicalChef.{end-tooltip}

(Q).I am a pastry cook/chef can I apply to be a TechnicalChef? {tooltip} – Hover mouse over for answer. {end-textf} No, not unless you can provide evidence of commercial cookery training and experience. {end-tooltip}

(Q).What marketing material is available? {tooltip} – Hover mouse over for answer.{end-textf} On induction a  number of resources will  emailed to you, including posters, decals, stickers, and access to private gateways on the net to access members only information.  An AITC badge will be sent to you. A TechnicalChef lapel badge and chefs coat is available.{end-tooltip}

(Q).Who do I contact do personally discuss TechnicalChef? {tooltip} – Hover mouse over for answer.{end-textf} Contact. Any of the council members orGeorge Hill 03 9735 0880 or Email: george@salonculinaire.com.  {end-tooltip}


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