Do not confuse a chef with a professional chef or a registered “TechnicalChef.

A TechnicalChef is different.

A TechnicalChef is a member of the Australian Institute of Technical Chefs (A.I.T.C)

TechnicalChefs have industry and community recognition, creditability, status, reputation, and a professional title as a fully qualified chef based on evidence.

TechnicalChef is a holistic assessment of a person as a technically skilled and commercial cookery practitioner who has achieved a minimum standard in all five individual categories below and has been inducted as an A.I.T.C member. Assessment of : skills, attitude, knowledge, experience and obligations need  also to be read by applicants.

1. Skills

Assessed by the length of time in foundation skills training and development in a commercial kitchen (A minimum of three years or 6000 hours).


2. Attitude

Assessed by the independent opinion of three industry referees, which may be boosted by evidence of participation in career or self-development.

3. Knowledge

Assessed by A.I.TC approved technical qualifications. (Minimum 1000 technical education credit points).

4. Experience

Assessed by a combined training time and maturing experience (A combined minimum of six years, or 12,000 hours experience in a commercial kitchen).

5. Obligations

Obligations: Agreement to: adhere to the Culinary Codes of Practice and continuous self-development rules.

Rules and conditions for all categories of assessment:

  1. Applicants are required to fulfil all five conditions independently.
  2. Applicants must apply with a fully completed official applications..
  3. Applicants must be able to verify all information on the application form.
  4. Applicants are required to include a self-addressed envelope to accompany any requested documents.
  5. A.I.T.C has the right to contact, telephone, email employers, institutes and referees to verify information on an applicant form.
  6. A.I.T.C will require CERTIFIED copies of documents for verification purposes.
  7. A.I.T.C will not be held responsible for loss or damage for documents sent for verification purposes.
  8. A.I.T.C equates 2000 hours of fulltime employment as one-year fulltime employment.
  9. A.I.T.C has the right to reject an application without giving reason.
  10. A.I.T.C has the right to reject any private or government registered training qualification without giving reason.
  11. All assessment will be consistent with VETASSESS determinations or other approved recognition services.
  12. All overseas culinary foundation training shall be considered (but not necessarily approved) by A.I.T.C

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