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Do you consider a chef to be a manual worker or practicing professional in a legitimate career?

Here is the reality; commercial kitchens require two levels of chefs; the basic or semi skilled and the advanced professional.   Similar to an accountant  and a charted accountant, both necessary for their industry,

However, to be justifiably placed in the advanced group as a leading professional in an industry, one is required to provide evidence of appropriate qualifications, commercial experience, and fitness; with public recognition of advanced expertise provided in the form of a licence issued by a valid independent organisation that exists to safeguard standards.

In the commercial cookery industry, the Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs (AITC) is the organisation that identifies a chef’s advanced professional status and licenses them at the advanced level.

Chefs now have a choice; to remain at the basic – semi skilled level, or submit an application with proof of their qualifications and experience to be publically acknowledged at the advanced level.

Many chefs have already seen the need for a culture that identifies the professional from the basic chef, and have applied to the Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs (AITC) for a license as an advanced professional chef.

To celebrated Australian professional chefs who established the Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs Inc. The Institute is has released, a full colour handbook across Australia that identifies chefs  who were licensed in 2016.

Amongst other useful material, the 2016 handbook contains the Australian Culinary Codes of Practice, the requirements to be a AITC licensed professional chef, and a summary of the mission and philosophy of a licensed professional chef.

The handbook identifies chefs who are the current leaders in Australian commercial cookery, the catalysts who will lift commercial cookery with experience and drive to protect the reputation of a chefs in Australia.

The handbook is additionally supported by quality hospitality businesses and associations who have similar attitudes towards a commitment to excellence.

Since the institute has been established, we had over 40,000 unique visits to the website, and the Institute is now well and truly entrenched as a cookery community that will promote those who operate in the higher ranks as a commercial chef.

Apply now to join a growing group of passionate professional chefs who are protecting industry standards and committed to excellence, and be featured in the next edition of the handbook.

Professionals know something needs to be done, ignoring the current situation of declining standards and skill shortages will mean that in only a few short years, the true commercial chefs will be stripped from the power of decision-making within the commercial cookery industry. This would endanger what chefs have worked so hard for all these years.

In addition the industry urgently needs a culture that will attract the right minded people to be future professional chefs. A classification that provide them with a professional career target and a professional future that is beyond just a cookery certificate.

We invite all qualified and experienced commercial chefs to join a leading group of commercial chefs and demonstrate to the public and industry, they are an advanced accomplished Australian commercial chef with the qualifications, commercial cookery experience, appropriate disposition, and whose passion has matured into a professional.

View the 2016 TechnicalChef 2016 Handbook and see who was inducted as a chef in 2016 :

APPLY NOW: Go online at to apply online (or download the application form in word format).


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