CPD Achieved – AITC Certificate

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CPD is a key element of being a professional chef (or in a career emanating from a chef) in a dynamic industry.
Please maintain an online personal record of your experiences in “My personal record of CPD”
Your CPD is an honest self – assessment your CPD activities – Only you gain or lose.
You should also now challenge yourself to honestly answer the following questions:

1. Were the activities the best use of my time.
2. Should I have undertaken an alternative experience?
3. What benefits will it have for my career?

Please note that from January 2020 AITC will no longer directly contact members to request a statement of CPD as part of re-accreditation.
AITC Chefs maintain and submit records online via AITC website, which has been designed to keep this vital process simple.
TChef CPD operates on an honour system, however, AITC reserves the right to ask for a list of experiences from selected members and random audits may apply to any TChef.
Based on the information provided by you, the re-accreditation certificate is valid for two calendar years from “date of issue”.
You may update your certificate at any time.
Print and keep this CPD record with your membership certificate to demonstrate you are up-to-date.

After “Print this Page button below”. If you only wish to print your certificate, set your printer to print the first page only. Or, if you may wish to print out the whole page that will include your current certificate.


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