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Are you a credentialed professional chef?

Anyone can cook; preparing a meal is quiet simple, Google a million recipes and sort of replicate the pictures and wallah you are by definition a chef.

There are many who promote themselves to be a chef and even believe they have the right to call themselves a chef. This applies even to master chef, executive chef and many other industry titles, unfortunately quiet often promoted under false pretences with “fake news”.

It is only when a title holder has the evidence of suitable commercial cookery qualifications, sufficient kitchen experience, deservedly earned their culinary title and additionally have the attitude required to be a professional in spirit, that they can be a genuine professional chef.

Membership of the Institute is a new credential. It is a management of creditability and a new age trademark required to truthfully the use of the term “professional chef”.

In the new age culinary world, anyone can call themselves a Master chef, Executive chef, Head chef, Sous chef or Chef.  Anyone can write on social networks or make a comment on talkback radio claiming to be a chef, without any substantial evidence and backup of that claim.

Having a job with a title means very little without the evidence to support the title.

The general public need a brand name to associates the title “chef” whenever used, with a disciplined, qualified, professional tradesperson.

This is exactly the mission of the Institute of TechnicalChefs.

Membership of the institute is the only a way to separate the semi skilled from the highly skilled, and protect the genuine from the pretenders.

The days are fast disappearing when a person can claim on social media, print, or electronic media to be chef based only on what they say, or believe they can do.

Membership of the Institute is now proof of that one has the evidence to support what one says and believes they can do.

Its time for the new age identity as a credentialed professional chef, a credential that shows one is legitimate.

The Institute is expanding across Australia, more and more of professionals realise the only way to protect their vocation and their own reputation is to be inducted as a member of the Institute.

Adding AITC registration to your CV, I.e. Executive Chef (AITC Registered) or in a signature, the AITC Logo, simply separates you from amateurs and adds a public profile and creditability to your title.

As we said,  anyone can cook; preparing a meal is quiet simple, Google a million recipes and sort of replicate the pictures and wallah you are by definition a chef.


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