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AITC President Awarded Fellowship

“I am so excited and grateful to be a Higher Education and Skills Group Fellowship recipient. I accept this fellowship with extreme honour. I also acknowledge Box Hill Institute for providing me all the support in conducting this research. This fellowship will provide me an improved understanding and capabilities processed by the hospitality students in the Victorian TAFE system and the competencies and capabilities that the industry currently needs and most of all it will give me an opportunity to travel, research and compare with best vocational colleges in Europe which will enable me to share with education sector and hospitality industry.” Daman Shrivastav, Box Hill Institute

The aim of Daman’s fellowship is to identify the issues to be considered in ensuring that the Victorian TAFE training system can respond to demands for competency and graduate capabilities by employers, and to thereby improve the employment outcomes of hospitality students.
Daman’s fellowship will investigate the gap between the expectations of industry professionals, and the perceptions of TAFE educators regarding the competencies and graduate capabilities needed by hospitality graduates. This research study examines the relative importance of learning outcomes, graduate capabilities and competencies needed by hospitality graduates from the perspective of industry professionals, students and educators, to allow educational institutions to develop curricula that better prepares graduates for positions within the industry. This proposed field of research is highly relevant to the challenges of both teaching and employment in the TAFE sector. It will provide highly relevant outcomes for trainers, future students, and employers and will help to significant-ly improved graduate outcomes.


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