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AITC Accreditation

Professional Status – Do I qualify to be Accredited by the Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs Inc

The Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs Inc has introduced a number of initiatives to assist professionals in the immediate future.


Chefs may now self-assess  to establish if the have the qualifications, skills, attitudes, knowledge and experience  to  qualify as an acccredited Professional Chef.

Self-assessed your professional status and measure your overall career qualities  and be recognised with  A I T C registration.

An accreditation  that  completes  your qualifications, acknowledges your experience and identifies you as an advanced professional.

Applicants may have up to 12  months, to source the documentation and complete the full application process required for registration.

1. To send copies of  training certificates.

2. Send a full resume that shows years of commercial kitchen experience.

3. Sign a declaration to keep to professional codes of conduct

4  Agree to follow personal continuous development.

4. Provide three referees to support the application

Accurate answers to  self-assessment analysis is required.

Do I qualify as a Professional Chef?
Please provide your personal or work email address
Please provide your land line with AREA code or mobile number
1. *
2. YOUR TECHNICAL TRAINING – What is the HIGHEST level of culinary technical training? Obtained from a from a recognised education provider. *
YOUR FITNESS TO BE A PROFESSIONAL CHEF - Are you able to provide three industry referees who will verify you are a "professional commercial chef"? *
YOUR WILLINGNESS TO KEEP IMPROVING - Would you agree to maintain your continuous professional development that advances your career? *
YOUR COMMITMENT TO PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS Would you agree to adhere to written Professional Codes of Practices? *
Thank you for your self assessment.
The Institute will contact you to discuss your eligibility

The Institute Registrar we will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your eligibility.

You may also contact The Institute registrar to discuss this assessment.

View the full application

You can contact us in the following ways: "Contact AITC Administration Direct ",or email council direct as listed below.

Contact AITC Administration Direct
- For governance or sponsorship.  
           *General manager - Queensland . Councilor - For Queensland Enquiries.
*Vice President
- For New South Wales Enquiries.  
      *General manager Branding - For Social media discussions.
- For meeting dates and broadcasts.
*Registrar - For application process.
- For account and Northern territory Enquiries
 *General manager Marketing - For press inquiries
General manager Marketing - For press inquiries
 General manager Liaison - For chef queries
General manager - Communications - Web  inquiries.

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