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AGM 2018

George Hill steps down as President of AITC and hands over to Daman Shrivastav 

The new 2018-2019 council is now shown on AITC website. “COUNCIL”

Membership of the Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs has surpassed 100 leading chefs. Leading professional chefs are now AITC registered in every state in Australia; and the institute has evolved to now include elected administrative councilors in New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland and Victoria. who are supported by field officers in all states across Australia.

It’s time to hand over to a younger contemporary professional chef, who will take the Institute to the next level, it’s inevitable expansion and huge potential as a contemporary chefs association that charters professional chefs” said George.

While stepping down, I am not stepping out, and will continue on council and look forward to making a contribution to the Institute crucial mission.
George thanked a fantastic council who have steered, and soundly established AITC.

New President Message.

AITC President message Incoming

Read: 2018 AITC AGM report and address of the retiring President George Hill  – (Please use your Back Button to return)

Members only reports:

  • Education Report
  • Marketing Report
  • Registrar Report
  • Treasury Report

You can contact us in the following ways: "Contact AITC Administration Direct ",or email council direct as listed below.

Contact AITC Administration Direct
- For governance or sponsorship.  
           *General manager - Queensland . Councilor - For Queensland Enquiries.
*Vice President
- For New South Wales Enquiries.  
      *General manager Branding - For Social media discussions.
- For meeting dates and broadcasts.
*Registrar - For application process.
- For account and Northern territory Enquiries
 *General manager Marketing - For press inquiries
General manager Marketing - For press inquiries
 General manager Liaison - For chef queries
General manager - Communications - Web  inquiries.

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