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Welcome  to TechnicalChef  Inc. Registration.

To view an application form. you first need to be registered as a subscriber with TechnicalChef.

• Preferably use your personal email, (not work).
• Use at least eight characters in your password.
• This is required for security and system purposes, or you may have problems when returning to this site.
All fields are required – including first (given) and last (family) name, and contact details (or you will be deleted).
• Once registered, you will be able to view the full online application form.
• Once registered, you will only need to enter your user name and password to login or update your application.
• Once registered you will be permitted you to save drafts while completing an application.
• Record your password and keep confidential.
• Subscribers accept that we may send our tri-monthly newsletter by email. – You can opt out if you wish.
• Login to edit or change your profile details.

  • Use FIRST AND LAST NAME as your username.
  • Preferably - Use your private e-mail address
  • The password should be at least eight characters with a mix of letters and numbers. Minimum length of 8 characters.
    The password must have a minimum strength of Weak
    Strength indicator
  • First Name as it should appear on a certificate of membership.
  • Last Name as it should appear on an approved licenced certificate of membership
  • Identify your current industry/culinary title and contact mobile or business telephone number ( Include area Code). This compulsory information is to ensure you are from the Australian Hospitality Industry. NOTE If left blank, you will be deleted.

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We do not sell or give out your details to anyone. We only use your contact details, when necessary to contact an applicant regarding an application, or  send up-to-date information on membership growth and the development of AITC.

You can contact us in the following ways: "Contact AITC Administration Direct ",or email council direct as listed below.

Contact AITC Administration Direct
- For governance or sponsorship.  
           *General manager - Queensland . Councilor - For Queensland Enquiries.
*Vice President
- For New South Wales Enquiries.  
      *General manager Branding - For Social media discussions.
- For meeting dates and broadcasts.
*Registrar - For application process.
- For account and Northern territory Enquiries
 *General manager Marketing - For press inquiries
General manager Marketing - For press inquiries
 General manager Liaison - For chef queries
General manager - Communications - Web  inquiries.

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