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A chef in Australia is not a regulated trade’s person, which means, the standards of education, training, professional operation and ethical practice is entirely reliant on the individual.

Self-regulation and skill shortages have allowed many semi skilled employees to practice, or be described as a fully  skilled chef.  All to often in print and electronic media,  persons are acknowledged as a specialist chef, however,  by their actions, show they do not possessing the skills, professional attitudes, knowledge, and experience required of a chef who practices at the professional level.

Commercial kitchens require two categories of employees, those who are semi-skilled who perform the mundane tasks, who work alongside the highly skilled who are the specialists.  The meaning of the word chef has dramatically changed with both categories called chefs. The public need to know when they are dealing a fully trained specialist.

The new age professional commercial chef is licensed to show they practice at the primary level. Titles such as celebrity, corporate, executive, head, master, sous and others titles mean little, unless verified to be at the professional level. As with any other title, there is a creditability difference between an executive chef and an executive chef who is a licensed member of the institute that shows their authenticity, respectability and creditability.

Are you just a chef, or do you wish to show the public you are a Professional Chef?
Let TChef do the talking for you.

 Ten reasons to register with the institute:

Sarah Maric (License Number 16111) briefly tells why she sees the Institute as the future for Professional Chefs
(Turn on speakers)

1. Adds a public profile to your industry profile.
2. Connects with successful people and open new doors.
3. Gives you a voice in the future of commercial cookery.
4. Has a competitive advantage.
5. Indicates adherence to quality standards and industry codes of practice.
6. Invests in your professional authenticity, respectability and creditability.
7. Is a  professional responsibility to protect the vocation of commercial cookery.
8. Shows technically trained, industry mobile, commercial cookery versatile, and ethical.
9. Shows you are contemporary.
10. Uses  a logo to inform others of your genuine status.

You can contact us in the following ways: "Contact AITC Administration Direct ",or email council direct as listed below.

Contact AITC Administration Direct
- For governance or sponsorship.  
           *General manager - Queensland . Councilor - For Queensland Enquiries.
*Vice President
- For New South Wales Enquiries.  
      *General manager Branding - For Social media discussions.
- For meeting dates and broadcasts.
*Registrar - For application process.
- For account and Northern territory Enquiries
 *General manager Marketing - For press inquiries
General manager Marketing - For press inquiries
 General manager Liaison - For chef queries
General manager - Communications - Web  inquiries.

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