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A chef in Australia is not a regulated trade’s person.This means that the standards of education and training, professional activity, and ethical practice is entirely reliant on the individual. Self-regulation has allowed many unqualified and inexperienced people to practice as, and call themselves a chef.

This is also true of many cases in print and electronic media where persons are acknowledged as a chef, however obviously do not possessing the skills, professional attitudes, knowledge, and experience required to be a chef.

This has resulted in the decline in the recognition of a unique artisan titled chef, resulting in the commercial cookery industry becoming increasingly vulnerable to widespread abuse, even collapse as a respectable and exclusive trade and career.

Are you just a chef, or have you the evidence you are a TechnicalChef?

smallgas The reason for TechnicalChef
There are many definitions of the term “Chef” including Celebrity Chef, Masterchef, Corporate Chef, Executive Chef, Pizza Chef, Chef, Sous Chef etc.

Generally, the title chef has become ambiguous and lost its original genuine industrial culinary meaning. This is particularly unfortunate for many bona fide chefs who have formal qualifications and substantial culinary experience who unfortunately now have to practice among many others who dubiously use the title.

There are great restaurants in Australia and many talented chefs who produce superb food; however, just as many operators who do not have the culinary training, mobile competence, experience or the professional attitude that befits the title chef.

The media driven interpretation of the term chef has substantially altered its substance in the English language. From a logical understanding of a qualified and experienced cook,  to now signify anyone who can produce a recipe, regardless practising in the domestic or commercial environment, in media, or in the general community, and degraded to the level where the designation “chef” is now open to professional ridicule.

Realistically, the common use of the term “Chef” is so well entrenched, that returning to its original technical description will not be possible.

TechnicalChef is an alternative title and an ideology designed to acknowledge skilled culinary artisans for their unique expertise and rightful place in modern society.

Registration as a TechnicalChef demonstrates a person specifically practices in the field of commercial cookery as a trade chef. Their training and experience sets them above the community definition of a chef. A TechnicalChef  is committed to self-improvement, passionate about their vocation and motivated to provide the best service to their clients and employers.  TechnicalChefs are  legitimate commercial chefs, branded by a logo that may be displayed on a certificate, uniform jacket, business card, or restaurant window. It is a badge of office that signifies creditability.

→ Signals technically trained, industry mobile, commercial cookery versatile, and ethical.

→ Has a competitive advantage in the industry.

→ Professional and protects the future of their vocation.

→ Indicates adherence to quality standards and industry codes of practice.

→ Shows compliance with continuous personal development as a professional.

→ Demonstrates the need to protect their career against unqualified infiltrators.

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