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To join the Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs, compete the application form, add the declarations, and  indicate the names and contact details of three independent culinary industry referees. 

Once  your details have been verified and council approved (This may take some weeks) approval is initially for two years, thereafter for five years.

In the long term (when enough TechnicalChefs have joined the institute to debate and vote on this), it may mean future applicants will be required to pass entry examinations.

Join now as a member to be able to be involved in this debate. In completing the application, note the following requirement for admissions:

All TechnicalChefs are chefs, but not all chefs are technical chefs. As is, all legitimate chefs are cooks, but not all cooks are legitimate chefs.

Condition 1. Skills and Experience.

Condition 2. Attitude.

Condition 3. Approved training.


Experience: Assessed by the length of time gaining foundation skills in training and development in a commercial kitchen (A TOTAL minimum of six years or 12000 hours). (Character and fitness): Assessed by the independent opinion of three industry referees, which may be boosted by evidence of participation in career or self-development activities. Knowledge: Assessed by A.I.T.C approved technical qualifications. (Minimum 1000 technical  training credit points) or A.I.T.C examinations.  
Comprising of two components:

  • Training time (minimum 6000 hours) as a novice, trainee, apprentice.
  • AND development time of 6000 hours  as a cook/chef (totalling 12000 hours).
  • E.g.
    Four years practical training as an apprentice or equivalent, with two years experience as a commis, partie, or station  chef.
  • Alternatively, 3 years apprentice and three years commercial cookery experience.
  • Alternative, successful A.I.T.C practical test.
Preferred referees can include:

  • Registered TechnicalChef or employers.

Alternative referees:

  • – Chef de Cuisine (20 + in the brigade.
    – Commercial cookery Teacher
    – Executive chef (20 + in the brigade)
    – Executive sous chefs
    – Hotel or Restaurant Managers
    – President of a Chefs Association
  • Alternative referee must be or have been in the industry  for more then ten years.

There is a broad equal relationship between credit points and hours:

Applicants are require to show :

  • Name of completed technical course
  • Length attended course in years
  • Graduating Institute
  • Certificate number
  • Evidence of minimum hours.
  • Interview  and or tests may apply.


Condition 4. Self-Development. Condition 5. Codes of Practice. Condition 6. Fees.  
Obligated to meet continuous self-development rules:

  • Declare a commitment to continuous self-improvement.
  • During registered periods, technical chefs must keep records of continuing improvement through education or industrial experiences.
Agree to adhere to the Australian Culinary Codes of Practice 
Pay registration fee:

  • Payable when approved by the council.
  • The introductory fee  is $35per year .($60 ) for first two years registration. (Council decision to increase to total of $60 from 2017)

(Take me to Council Contacts)
- For governance or sponsorship.
Vice President
- For general information.
- For A.I.T.C meeting dates.
- For account enquiries

Education - For training institute liaison.
- For branding discussions.
- For application process.
- For press inquiries.
- For chef queries.




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