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The Australian Institute of Technical Chefs is an association of professional chefs who have strict professional standards of entry. Members are called TechnicalChefs. Members are permitted to display a trademarked logo,  legally protected and can only be used by approved members of the Institute.

TechnicalChef is the first system of licensing a chef in Australia and recognised by professionals. Legally chefs can practice in Australia without any form of license. However, TechnicalChef is a voluntary form of industry driven license to use a logo to acknowledge minimum professional standards in education, training, and practice. 

Know someone who promotes they are a TechnicalChef ? Membership may be verified on this site in the registry, by name and registration number.

Anyone is entitled to call him or herself, a “chef”, but this does not make it true, excepting when they are a TechnicalChef.

 smallgas  TechnicalChef Definitions


TechnicalChef describes a person who belongs to a unique group of cooks and chefs who have:

(1) Demonstrated skills, fitness, knowledge, experience and ethics to be a mobile professional trade chef.

(2) Admitted as a member of the Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs

(3) Recorded in a publicly accessible online registry

(4) Licensed to use the TechnicalChef logo.

(5) Committed to continuous professional development.

(6) Committed to adhering the culinary codes of practices.  

 smallgas  Your Choice

TechnicalChef is not a qualification. TechnicalChef is an industry classification based on achieving professional conditions and standards that have been agreed to by accomplished professional chefs.

Chefs have a simple choice. Continue as a chef and be known among the many vague and often misleading uses of the title. Alternatively, demonstrate the necessary attributes to be a  TechnicalChef   and show the public  there are minimum standards in training and development to be a legitimate chef.  

Mainly due to media propaganda and indoctrination, anyone who is vaguely associated with commercial or domestic food preparation, irrespective of their commercial cookery training, culinary knowledge, industrial experience, or professional commitment may have the title chef.

In Australia, a chef is a self-regulated occupation, therefore anyone can call himself or herself a chef.

What is the fundamental difference between a Chef and a TechnicalChef?

TechnicalChefs are licensed to display a logo to show they are a legitimate commercial chef who:

1. Are qualified to a level of competence that allows seamless mobility between employments.
2. Have been independently verified by peers as fit to be identified as a commercial chef.
3. Have a trained level of culinary knowledge that allows professional practice across the commercial cookery industry.
4. Have essentially developed their skills by working in a commercial kitchen.
5. Follows agreed written culinary industry codes of practices.
6. Is obligated to keep relevant in the changing culinary world, through continuous development.

Unless a chef is a licensed TechnicalChef they may well be fraudulent.

Only TechnicalChefs are able to provide this evidence with one logo.


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