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Application to join the Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs

This application is a very detailed document. Before you start, collect the following information:

  • When and where you commenced working as a cook/trainee.
  • Your work history, for at least the first six years in a commercial kitchen
  • Your culinary training details and certificate number
  • The names of three industry referees.
  • List every major culinary activity you have been involved with outside your workplace. e.g. Competitions – Visits.
  • We suggest you scan your certificates and prepare an image of your-self in cooks uniform.
  • We  advise reading through this form to ensure you have collected the correct information before commencing filling in details.

When we request verification, all information and declarations must be able to be proved.

Applicant personal details (EXCEPT: Your name, and registration details as identified on a certificate of membership and photo) are kept confidential).

To view the application form you need to  first register on this site ,  If you cannot see the application  logout and RE – login with your user name and password.

Register for admission as a TechnicalChef

NOTE: If you are registered, you will notice at the very bottom of the application  form a “Save Draft” button. You may at anytime while completing details, click this button, and leave the site completely. When you next login with your username and password, the form will automatically fill with your previous details to the point where you last saved the draft.  DO NOT  “Submit Application” until completely ready.
HELP: If at any time you need a question answered, or need help completing your application. Please email your contact details – telephone number for a prompt reply. 
Register to view this application.
Please ensure you complete this application within 4 weeks (28 days) from the FIRST saved draft or your record may be deleted. If, you are delayed please contact A.I.T.C by email to request an extension.

Alternative method of application

To resister your interest to apply for AITC membership by email – please email:  with your
First and Last Name
Contact Telephone Number  And  Current industry position.
And we will send you an application form.

  • Grounds for refusal of A.I.T.C membership
    – Insufficient evidence of skills, fitness, culinary knowledge, or experience required for membership.
    – Evidence of historical behaviour that are contrary to the Australian Culinary Codes of Practices.
    – Evidence of unlawful/antisocial political, gender, race, or religious bias or discriminatory practices, that may bring the Institute into disrepute.
    – Evidence  that indicates the potential to use A.I.T.C membership to promote, recruit, or organise any group, political, antisocial or otherwise.
  • We recommend that you print a copy of your application
  • If you have not heard from registration within seven days, please contact George Hill 03 9735 0880 or  email Registrar on this site.
Alternative methods of applying with hard copy.
1.  Download Application – PDF – Save and complete the hard copy and post with documents to us. Download Application – PDF

2. Download Application – Word – Save and complete and attachment to an email with copies of documents. Download Application – Word

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Vice President
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- For account enquiries

Ordinance - For disputes and due process.
- For branding discussions.
- For application process.
- For press inquiries.
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