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Field Officers

Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs – Field Officers and Ambassadors.
The Institute council is currently based in Victoria, however, the Institutes vision is to supply a responsible registration service to professional chefs across Australia, consequently each state in Australia has a council approved field officer who represent their state.

The role of a field officer is to promote the institute to local chefs.

Field officers are appointed because they symbolise the principles of the A.I.T.C with their: appearance, attitude, ethics, experience, culinary knowledge, skills and values. They further advise council on local state issues that effect the development and management of TechnicalChef. Depending upon demographics  or sector size, ( Central or Regional), there may be more than one field officer in a state.

Australian Capital Territory.
Belinda Santa ( Acting)

New South Wales.  Central
Prakash Chand

Northern Territory
Jason Wilkes

Queensland. North – 1 Jeffrey Gear
Queensland. South –
2 Shayne Greenman

South Australia.
Roger Pearson

Steve Bennett

Greg Turner

Western Australia.
Ian Sescon

International- Continental Ambassadors
Manfred Muellers – South Africa

My role as an Ambassador:International Ambassadors are appointed on their reputation and International industry acknowledgement of previous achievements. An international ambassador symbolizes and promotes the ideology of TechnicalChef as a professional standard for a global commercial chef. An international ambassador advises commercial chefs in other countries about the mission of TechnicalChef in order that they understand who are, and acknowledge Australian registered TechnicalChefs. International Ambassadors are not necessarily A.I.T.C members, however wish to show their support.

AITC acknowledges professional chefs who laid the foundations in  professional standards in Australia in earlier eras.



Jock Stuart


John Miller


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