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AITC Boardroom

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The AITC boardroom is an online live broadcast of AITC events, council meetings , discussions, conferences  and promotions using Facebook. Participants should print meeting and agenda  first.


30 October at 6.15 PM

Members will be informed of broadcast dates and times. At the time of the broadcast, Click ” LIVE  BOARDROOM“. Scroll down Facebook page to view  the broadcast.

Members who are attending via the internet. PLEASE, when you first login “with a comment” record your name and location, to say hello and officially record your attendance EG ( AITC registered member John Smith  Sydney present.) Agenda and some reports can be downloaded below.
We also welcome guests and request (if they wish to be officially recorded as attending) to also record name and location EG (John Smith Alice Springs present as a guest)
Actual Time (MELBOURNE TIME) is planned to start at 6.15 PM.  Finish time will depend on AGM business however should not be longer than about 30 – 40 minutes. Following the AGM we will have a quick general meeting of the council to clear any business before Christmas. AITC Recorded  430 viewers for the last broadcast meeting, 96 comments, and many members from interstate and smoe  from overseas  were able to  contribute. 
2017 AGM – Agenda 2017 Marketing Report -October 2017 Financial-Report-2017
Presidents Report – October 2017  Administration Manual 2017  Branding Report
   Education Report   


 Wandee Culinary Competition 2018 – Competition Details Read the details of the competition AITC members may like to consider sending an apprentice. Contact George for details.

International Culinary Competition initiated by Murray Twaits International Program Director Wandee Culinary Technological College Bangkok Thailand, and George Hill President – Australian Institute of TechnicalChefs Australia.

Major Contributors: Murray Twaits – Program Director   AITC. (Overseas)  George Hill – Competition Coordinator AITC.  – Andrew Wisken  (Head Judge Western)   AITC. – General Jury: Barbara Porter    AITC. –  Werner Kimmeringer    LTB –  Pino Notaro    ACF –  Gino Liparota     ACF –   Brienna Belfrage-Young     ACF (Young Chefs Club ).

We gratefully acknowledge:   Minister of Education Thailand – Australian Trade Commission –   College Administration and Special Guests –  Thai Chef Judges –  Sponsors  and   The hundreds of students who participated

Please be patient as these movie files may take time to fully load.


TechnicalChef and Wandee College – Bangkok on Food Asia Television

These two shows were broadcast on TV. In June 2017 

Depending upon your computer speed and the network you are on the video may sometimes pause in sections –  just be patient

Shorter grabs of the International Competition held in Bangkok are below


Program “The Lost Recipes” Show /1 Program “The Lost Recipes” Show /2
 George Hill speaks to the contestants.  Australian Jury and VIP at opening ceremony.
  Presentation to winners  All winners celebrate
 Andrew Wisken on jury  Werner Kimmeringer briefs and speaks on TV
 Pino Demonstration  College Restaurant

Digital Version of the 2016 AITC Handbook:

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- For account enquiries

Education - For training institute liaison.
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